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Police officers help protect people and property all over the nation. They are just a phone call away so that we can sleep safely in our beds. There are 17,985 U.S. police agencies nationwide, which include city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, federal law enforcement agencies, and state police/highway patrol. Many officers wear various badges, but what does it mean to wear law enforcement badges?

Trust and Authority

When a police officer wears a badge, it’s a symbol that you can trust them to uphold the law. You can trust them to do what’s right and always to protect people. Law enforcement badges symbolize authority, showing they have the power to demand that others also follow the law.


A badge is a symbol of great responsibility. An officer can’t run away from a crime. Instead, they must have the courage to protect citizens from harm. When they wear a badge, police officers take on a lot of responsibility towards themselves, their fellow officers, and the public they serve. They swear to protect people and uphold the law. Officers promise to obey a strict code of ethics to ensure everyone is safe.


When they wear a badge, police officers do much more than commit to following the law; they commit to self-sacrifice. Officers don’t run when dangerous situations arise; instead, they’re often the ones running towards them. They put their lives on the line daily to protect others, even when they can get hurt. This tireless job is necessary to ensure we live in a peaceful society of law and order.


Officers have faced a lot of adversity in recent years. Many cities are defunding police officers, and some stations are drastically understaffed. However, when a police officer puts on that badge, they commit to the community. Not only do they serve and protect their surrounding community, but they also foster community relations. Police officers work hard to maintain a positive relationship with citizens.

Law enforcement badges are a symbol of trust and responsibility. The second a police officer puts on a badge, they commit to tirelessly serving those around them. At The Emblem Authority, we specialize in badges and patches, including those for law enforcement. Contact us today for more information.

Customizing a badge requires careful thought. You only have a small space to get your message across, which can be challenging. This comprehensive guide will help you design the ideal badge for your message. We’ll review everything you need to know, from colors to patch designs.

Color Palette

The color of your badge and patch designs will instantly give someone an excellent impression. According to Review 42, 90% of a first impression is influenced by colors. Use neon colors like bright yellow sparingly to ensure the design isn’t overwhelming. Study color psychology to ensure the badge conveys the desired emotion. For example, navy blue tends to be serious, while light pink is relaxed and playful.

The Message

Always consider the message you want the badge to say. To do this, carefully consider why you’re giving out the badge. Is it to say thank you to a crew of firefighters? Will the badge go to everyone on the team to show that everyone is part of the same team? Teamwork badges usually display something from the job or profession. However, individual badges should be personalized to show they were made specifically for that person.

Pre-Set Designs

Sometimes, you must consider pre-set designs when customizing a badge. For example, awareness ribbons are a standard design for breast cancer and autism awareness. These already have a designated color, too. However, you can still create a design around the ribbon to customize the badge. Include a loved one’s favorite flowers, or consider putting their name in front of the ribbon to make the badge unique to a specific person.

Colorful Background

If you’re working with a pre-set design, consider adding a colorful background on the badge. The background should coordinate with the color of the design but still portray the emotion you’d like. Including a background, such as a floral background, behind the design is another excellent way to customize your badge while keeping the pre-set design.

The Emblem Authority specializes in customized badges, lapel pins, challenge coins, luggage tags, patch designs, and more. Our team understands that creating personalized patch designs can be challenging. However, we have more than enough experience to create a unique message that says what you want. Contact us to get started on your customized badge design today.


Promotional keychains make practical gifts, but generic pieces from a store lack personalization. Opting for customized metal keychains offers many advantages for businesses, organizations, and events. Here are five key benefits of ordering tailored, unique keychains over plain off-the-shelf versions.

1. Build Brand Recognition

Adding your company logo, slogan, or event details to metal keychains helps build brand identity and recognition. Whenever someone uses their customized keychain, they’ll be reminded of you. It’s a simple yet effective advertising tactic, creating ongoing impressions. Distinctive designs featuring your brand increase memorability too, and they don’t even need to be complicated. In fact, according to True List, when designing a logo or emblem, you should stick to two colors. Personalized keychains are portable brand boosters.

2. Spread Awareness

Custom keychains allow you to imprint any message or details you want recipients to know. Non-profits can share their mission and contact info. Events can print dates and websites. Businesses can list services, contact numbers, social media, and more. Whenever someone looks at their customized keychain, they see your most important information. It’s a constant awareness tool.

3. Show Appreciation

Unique personalized keychains make people feel special. Adding names and personal messages takes any giveaway up a notch. Employees love custom gifts from management. Loyal customers appreciate custom tokens of thanks. A tailored gift shows you made an extra effort just for them. Custom metal keychains add a personal touch.

4. Increase Usage

Generic keychains often wind up abandoned in a drawer, but people use customized keychains more frequently because they feel connected to them. Useful custom designs imprinted with logos or monograms see daily use on keys, bags, and backpacks. A customized gift feels special and made for them, increasing usage beyond an ordinary keychain.

5. Represent Unity

Custom pieces printed with team names, numbers, slogans, or logos build a sense of community and unity. Fans flaunt keychains supporting their favorite team. Company employees carry customized chains with pride. Unique personalized keychains symbolize belonging and morale. Representing groups brings people together. Shared customized items create powerful bonds.

The next time you need giveaway items, branded goods, or promotional pieces, choose customized over ordinary. Personalized metal keychains offer lasting value, usability, and pride. If your business is looking to design custom metal keychains, we can help. Reach out to us at The Emblem Authority today to learn more about all of the custom products we can design and manufacture for your company or organization.


Adding your organization’s unique logo or emblem to custom hats is a fun way to foster team spirit and promote your brand. From ball caps to beanies, customizable hats allow you to put your group’s personal stamp on headwear your members will be proud to wear. Here are some creative ways to use custom hats to showcase your organization.

Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms are a great way to make workers easily identifiable by customers and clients. In fact, the first standard police apparel was developed in 1829, according to Forbes. Provide branded hats as part of employee uniforms for a professional, cohesive look. A company logo on baseball caps or sun visors helps customers easily identify your staff at a glance. Match hats to work shirts for a pulled-together style. Your custom patches add instant recognition to any uniform. Employees feel a sense of team pride wearing gear embroidered with your unique logo.

Giveaways and Prizes

Hand out custom hats emblazoned with your logo at community events, fundraisers, and conferences to get your name out there. They’re ideal giveaways at your organization’s next booth or fair. Custom patches make any hat a memorable souvenir. Award special member hats as prizes for top achievers and longevity. Wearing your logo becomes a badge of honor.

Team Accessories

Outfit your recreational teams and activity groups with matching custom hats, so participants feel like true teammates. Add numbers, names, or fun phrases along with your logo. Choose hat styles and colors to complement your existing uniforms. Coordinated hats add organization and spirit to any club or team. Members will wear their customized caps with pride.

Supporter Swag

Provide custom logo hats as supporter swag to fans, volunteers, and financial contributors. Let your top donors choose their favorite style, like dad caps or beanies. Seeing your brand on supporters shows community spirit. Your custom patches turn ordinary caps into sought-after swag. What better way to say thanks for supporting your group?

Spreading Brand Awareness

Every hat embroidered with your unique logo or emblem gets your organization noticed wherever members wear them in public. Custom patches ensure instant brand recognition. Beanies printed with your brand make a bold statement. A volunteer’s cap embroidered with your organization’s information drives interest and conversations. Leverage custom hats to maximize your company’s visibility year-round.

Make your mark with custom hats tailored to your organization’s image and needs. With full logo personalization options, the branding possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for custom hats or custom patches, we would love to assist you. Give us a call at The Emblem Authority today to learn more.


Custom police badges offer a unique way to represent law enforcement officers. Custom police badges are one of the ways you can make your group stand out from the rest. According to the Department of Labor, the United States has 800,000 law enforcement officers. Here are other law enforcement accessories that can be used on different occasions.

1. Recognition

Law enforcement officers are put in precarious situations daily. However, there are times when law enforcement officers go above and beyond the call of duty. In those instances, courage must be recognized. Challenge coins are a great way to reward an officer for going above and beyond.

Challenge coins are a memento that can be displayed with pride by the recipient. They are a great way to recognize those who raise the bar for other officers. They can be used for a wide range of celebrations and events. These coins can be motivational as well.

2. Everyday Use

Along with the custom police badges, law enforcement officers need accessories that make life easier. For example, lanyards are simple tools that are necessary. Lanyards can hold identification and more to ensure the officer is organized.

Printed lanyards with affiliation information are functional and decorative and can easily become part of the uniform. Lanyards, lapel pins, and other accessories can be used daily to help officers stay organized and look their best. These accessories are good investments for any police force.

3. Other Occasions

Cohesiveness among the police force is essential. Accessories for special occasions or daily use can help the group to be easily recognized. Hats, ID holders, and more can make the officers easily recognizable and unified. Hats for daily use, like baseball hats, look great. They serve a critical function.

Hats for formal occasions help protect the officers from the heat and cold. Hats like baseball caps for daily wear help protect the officers from the glare of the sun, which can impede their vision. The right accessories matter for every occasion.

A trusted supplier can provide your team with all the necessary accessories to do their job. Every occasion deserves the right police accessories. Shop with The Emblem Authority today to find the custom police badges and more that will instill pride in your group.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Patches for Law Enforcement

Showing support for important causes through awareness campaigns can be incredibly meaningful, but it’s not always clear how to get involved. As a public servant like a firefighter, police officer, or EMT, you’re in a unique position to show support in small but visible ways. Here are some simple ideas to promote awareness campaigns on the job.

Spruce Up Your Badge

According to The San Jose Police Department, their badge has special symbolism. The seven points on the badge represent the seven core values of the department, which are integrity, service, courage, innovation, respect, excellence, and diversity. One of the easiest ways to show support is by swapping your standard uniform badge for a special awareness badge.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, you could wear a pink breast cancer awareness badge in place of your normal badge. Other types of patches that support awareness campaigns can also be worn on uniforms. These small badge changes only take a moment to switch out but broadcast a big message of solidarity and support. Opting for custom patches and pins in the color and theme of an awareness campaign is a subtle but powerful sign of being allies.

Highlight Ribbons

Another way to incorporate awareness themes into your uniform is through awareness ribbons. For instance, fastening a red ribbon on your uniform for World AIDS Day or a pink ribbon for anti-bullying campaigns. These simple ribbons only cost a couple dollars at most but boldly convey an important statement of awareness. Combining ribbons with custom patches and pins can make your support even more eye-catching and meaningful.

Wear a Custom Patch

Patches are a great way to show solidarity with a cause. You can easily iron these patches onto
a uniform or use velcro patches. These types of patches can be worn beside your badge, on the sleeve of your uniform, or even across the back of your jacket. With small uniform modifications like these, you can easily integrate awareness campaign support into your regular public service activities. Taking these simple steps not only spreads a message of awareness but also compassion and community.

If you’re looking to purchase different types of patches that are custom-made to suit your organization, look no further than The Emblem Authority. Reach out to us today to get started!


Promotional products come made from all types of materials, including metal. Metal promotional products are especially nice because they are made of a more durable material and therefore last longer. Metal promotional items can be highly customized to suit the needs of the customer. Let’s look at how custom badge designers make metal products.

Acid Etching

Once the initial product is produced, it’s time to create one-of-a-kind customizations. The easiest way to do customization on metal is with acid etching. Acid etching is a process by which a hard surface can be easily cut using a specially formulated acid. Acid etching is useful because it doesn’t change the properties of the metal. The gran structure and strength of the metal are also not affected. This process is often chosen for materials that would otherwise be damaged by other processes. Items that acid etching can be used on include metal tags, metal pins, keychains, and stainless steel items of all sorts.

Metal Selection

When planning for custom metal promotional items, the metal selection is important. Acid etching can be used on many types of metals, but some are easier to work with than others. Some options include stainless steel and aluminum.

Design Selection

The fun part about custom metal promotional products is the design of the products. As the customer, you get to design your items based on company logos, organizational slogans, or other details like badges, emblems, or flags. If you’re not sure about designing your items, you can work with our custom badge designers to get ideas. Our professionals will be happy to provide you with tips and ideas on how to create the best promotional items for your organization.


Once the metal has been chosen, it needs to be cleaned carefully. During the cleaning process, any burrs on the edges of the metal will be removed. The metal then needs to be scrubbed, rinsed, and cleaned using isopropyl alcohol to make sure that it’s completely ready to go.

These are just a few facts on how custom metal promotional products are made by our badge designers. If you’re looking for custom badge designers for your project, please contact us at The Emblem Authority today! We are happy to help you with your promotional products.

lapel pins

When it comes to marketing ideas, there’s not much that hasn’t been tried. There are, however, some marketing techniques and promotional items that have stood the test of time and continue to be a useful way to spread the word about a business, organization, or cause. Custom lapel pins are one such item. A lapel pin is a small pin that can be worn on clothing, hats, or bags to show your affiliation with an organization or cause. Let’s look at some of the cool ways these pins can be used for promotional purposes.

1. Brand Promotion

One of the most common ways that these items are used is for brand promotion. They are a great addition to marketing packets, package inserts, or simply as a little extra thank you to customers. Customized lapel pins can be designed with the brand’s logo, mascot, colors, and slogans. Giving customers mementos such as these helps to build loyalty as they can attach the pin to their own personal items to tell the world they are a fan of your message or brand.

2. Fundraising

Another way to use lapel pins is for fundraising purposes. Non-profits and charitable organizations often sell these pins for fundraising. It’s not uncommon for pins that have been associated with important movements or programs to even become collector’s items later on.

3. Corporate Events

Conferences, trade shows, and networking events are great opportunities to hand out pins as well. This will keep your brand or your group on people’s minds as they participate in the event. A great example of this is the cool pins that were created and passed out at Comic-Con over the years.

4. Commemorative Events

Pins can also be used to commemorate special events. Things like anniversaries, product launches, retirements, and other events make the perfect opportunity to create a souvenir for those who were along for the ride.

5. Awards and Recognition

Handing out pins is also a good way to recognize the achievements of someone who is going above and beyond. Using pins in this way can help to build a company culture of gratitude and recognition.

6. Sports Teams

Team building can be done in a lot of ways, and one way is through customized clothing and pins. Pins can be created with team logos, mascots, or event names. It’s the perfect way to celebrate team spirit and help players and coaches bond.

These are just a few ways that customized lapel pins can be used. If you’re looking for custom promotional products, please contact us at The Emblem Authority today.

Lanyards are pieces of fabric that usually form a loop. The most popular lanyards are ones that are used as a keychain accessory. They are designed so they can be worn around the neck and are helpful, but it’s also essential to remember they are a great marketing tool. Most custom badge designers can help you design a custom lanyard.


Lanyards are one of the most versatile marketing products. They can be used as ID holders or luggage tags. Some people clip them onto their keys. Custom lanyards on a keychain make it easier for people to find their keys while promoting an organization. The versatility of lanyards makes them great because you know people will use them, increasing visibility.


A simple lanyard with your business logo can help increase visibility while building trust with potential customers. According to Non-Profit Pro, 64% say a professional logo design builds brand trust and increases engagement. The more people see your logo, the more they want to work with you.


Most people give away custom lanyards when they use them as a marketing tool. Ordering them in bulk from custom badge designers can increase affordability. You’ll also enjoy a better return on your marketing efforts. You won’t have to pay monthly for advertising services or worry about whether your ad is still running. Instead, you can trust that your custom lanyards are doing plenty of advertising for you.


Every organization and cause is unique, so you want a special lanyard. A custom badge designer can help you create the perfect lanyard to suit your organization. You can choose from various colors available. There is room on a lanyard for a quote or slogan, or you can go simple by putting your logo on it. Customize your lanyard to encourage conversation and promote your organization to potential hires or the greater community around you.

Custom badge designers will work with you to ensure you have the perfect lanyard to advertise without exceeding your budget. Our designers will ensure you love the color and design. We can also help you design ID tags and more for your next event, trade show, or for your employees. Contact us at The Emblem Authority when you’re ready to learn the details.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Patches for Law Enforcement

Choosing the right tools to raise awareness for a cause or campaign is essential. You want something that stands out from other devices while representing your campaign. Emblem patches have quickly surpassed other advertisement methods for awareness campaigns. This is why more people are interested in using an emblem patch.

1. Color Psychology

When you wear a patch, everyone sees it. According to Review 42, 90% of a first impression is influenced by color. For example, bright colors like red and yellow encourage a person to take action. These are great choices to encourage people to donate to a cause. Other bright colors can instantly capture someone’s attention, ensuring they know about your awareness campaign.

2. Increased Visibility

An emblem patch can easily be put on anything someone wears, like a jacket or hat. They’re also great for accessories, like tote bags. These patches are instantly visible to everyone around the person wearing them, immediately increasing visibility. As more people ask about patches or look up the logo online, more people will learn about the cause.

3. Custom Options

Patches can easily be customized to ensure they have the impact you want. Invest in larger patches to help increase awareness. Large patches are easy to notice and give you more room to write a message. Small logo patches for hats and other small accessories are also available. You can select the image you want on your patch to ensure everyone knows about your cause.

4. Easily Distributable

You can easily hand out patches. Send an emblem patch in the mail as part of a promotional event or pass them out at the office. Emblem patches are cost-effective, so you can utilize mass distribution efforts to increase awareness faster. Some people leave a bowl available on the front desk or at an event booth to encourage people to take one.

5. Long-Lasting

One of the most notable benefits of using patches for visibility is their long-lasting impact. When people put a patch on their bag, vest, or jacket, they rarely take them off. This ensures that you’ll continue to increase awareness for months or years to come, and you won’t have to keep paying for it.

The Emblem Authority specializes in creating custom patches, badges, challenge coins, and more. You can use these for firefighters and police officers or to increase awareness about any cause. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more.