Lanyards are pieces of fabric that usually form a loop. The most popular lanyards are ones that are used as a keychain accessory. They are designed so they can be worn around the neck and are helpful, but it’s also essential to remember they are a great marketing tool. Most custom badge designers can help you design a custom lanyard.


Lanyards are one of the most versatile marketing products. They can be used as ID holders or luggage tags. Some people clip them onto their keys. Custom lanyards on a keychain make it easier for people to find their keys while promoting an organization. The versatility of lanyards makes them great because you know people will use them, increasing visibility.


A simple lanyard with your business logo can help increase visibility while building trust with potential customers. According to Non-Profit Pro, 64% say a professional logo design builds brand trust and increases engagement. The more people see your logo, the more they want to work with you.


Most people give away custom lanyards when they use them as a marketing tool. Ordering them in bulk from custom badge designers can increase affordability. You’ll also enjoy a better return on your marketing efforts. You won’t have to pay monthly for advertising services or worry about whether your ad is still running. Instead, you can trust that your custom lanyards are doing plenty of advertising for you.


Every organization and cause is unique, so you want a special lanyard. A custom badge designer can help you create the perfect lanyard to suit your organization. You can choose from various colors available. There is room on a lanyard for a quote or slogan, or you can go simple by putting your logo on it. Customize your lanyard to encourage conversation and promote your organization to potential hires or the greater community around you.

Custom badge designers will work with you to ensure you have the perfect lanyard to advertise without exceeding your budget. Our designers will ensure you love the color and design. We can also help you design ID tags and more for your next event, trade show, or for your employees. Contact us at The Emblem Authority when you’re ready to learn the details.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Patches for Law Enforcement

Choosing the right tools to raise awareness for a cause or campaign is essential. You want something that stands out from other devices while representing your campaign. Emblem patches have quickly surpassed other advertisement methods for awareness campaigns. This is why more people are interested in using an emblem patch.

1. Color Psychology

When you wear a patch, everyone sees it. According to Review 42, 90% of a first impression is influenced by color. For example, bright colors like red and yellow encourage a person to take action. These are great choices to encourage people to donate to a cause. Other bright colors can instantly capture someone’s attention, ensuring they know about your awareness campaign.

2. Increased Visibility

An emblem patch can easily be put on anything someone wears, like a jacket or hat. They’re also great for accessories, like tote bags. These patches are instantly visible to everyone around the person wearing them, immediately increasing visibility. As more people ask about patches or look up the logo online, more people will learn about the cause.

3. Custom Options

Patches can easily be customized to ensure they have the impact you want. Invest in larger patches to help increase awareness. Large patches are easy to notice and give you more room to write a message. Small logo patches for hats and other small accessories are also available. You can select the image you want on your patch to ensure everyone knows about your cause.

4. Easily Distributable

You can easily hand out patches. Send an emblem patch in the mail as part of a promotional event or pass them out at the office. Emblem patches are cost-effective, so you can utilize mass distribution efforts to increase awareness faster. Some people leave a bowl available on the front desk or at an event booth to encourage people to take one.

5. Long-Lasting

One of the most notable benefits of using patches for visibility is their long-lasting impact. When people put a patch on their bag, vest, or jacket, they rarely take them off. This ensures that you’ll continue to increase awareness for months or years to come, and you won’t have to keep paying for it.

The Emblem Authority specializes in creating custom patches, badges, challenge coins, and more. You can use these for firefighters and police officers or to increase awareness about any cause. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more.


Police officers often identify themselves with a badge, and custom keychains are another way to add to their apparel. These keychains are a great way to represent the police force anytime. Why are custom police badges on keychains ideal for law enforcement? Read on to find out more.


Over 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers are working in the United States, the highest figure ever recorded, according to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. These officers all have an official badge to identify them on duty. However, custom police badges made into keychains are a great way to further identify them once they’re off duty. It can also be a good keepsake upon retirement.


Police officers do a dangerous job. Therefore, it helps to have some healthy camaraderie. Having these custom badges is a great way for police leaders to show support for their team.


Has a police officer on your team really stepped up? If you’re unsure about a way to award them, these keychains could be a good gesture that they would appreciate. Whether it’s going above and beyond on a case, being a good teammate, or being a natural leader, custom police patches are a great gift. These mini badges are very small and can fit easily on a keychain, so it’s an easy way for officers to have a daily reminder that their squadron appreciates what they do.


There are many ways that police officers can support each other. These badges are good ways to not only reward an officer who’s going beyond the line of duty but also a good way to commemorate a fallen police officer. They make cool gifts to people who have proven to support the police force, whether it’s people who made donations or those related to police officers.

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in custom police badges for keychains. These are small and lightweight gifts that won’t weigh anyone down. They provide a way for an officer to identify themselves anytime, whether they’re on or off duty. They also make great gifts as a way to show appreciation for people who support the police force. If you’re interested in getting some of these keychains made for your crew, family, or donors, contact The Emblem Authority today for a quote and consultation.

Custom patches are ideal accessories, gifts, and extra identifiers for professionals in some of the most dangerous jobs. Stakeholders in charge of firefighters, policemen, and EMTs may want to have custom ones made for gifts, keepsakes, or to show support. Read on for tips on choosing the right shape for your custom patch.


Over 17,985 American police agencies exist in the form of city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state police/highway patrol, and federal law enforcement agencies, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. If one of these law enforcement agencies gets a custom patch, the design should match their occupation as much as possible. In other words, the custom patch should be in the shape of a badge or shield.


Consider how big or small the custom patch will be. In most cases, if you have a more complex shape, it’s easier for smaller patches, such as those on keychains. Larger patches work best when in a circular or rectangular shape.


How many custom patches do you need to have made? The more complex the shape, the more expensive the final project is. Keeping the shape as simple as possible with a square, rectangle, or circle can lower the final cost. If you’re eager to have badges in more complex shapes, you may want to wait to have them produced in a smaller batch.


Will the custom badge be on a key chain? Is it a custom badge that will be sewn into a hat or article of clothing? On something such as a hat, circular patches tend to work best, as they’re more practical and easier to apply. However, a key chain can provide more leeway when it comes to having intricate shapes like stars due to its small size and use. Once a key chain is made, you don’t have to sew or adhere it to anything, such as a piece of clothing.

Now you understand the considerations when deciding the ideal shape for a custom patch. Consider how you’ll be using the patch, the budget for your project, its overall use, and its design. If there’s a group of firefighters, police officers, EMT workers, or other enforcement agencies you want to support, contact The Emblem Authority today so we can get started on those custom patches.

fire dept patches

A custom patch can give a uniform or any other article of clothing a greater sense of professionalism and a more distinguished identity. Custom police patches and similar items designed for other pieces of clothing can be the finishing flourishes that complete an ensemble. Are you looking to come up with your own set of personalized patches? If so, the tips in this article should prove helpful. Keep them in mind so you can create the best products!

Create a Workable Patch Design

The first step in creating a custom patch is developing a design. This part of the process is easier said than done because many people tend to go overboard with their ideas. They come up with these wildly creative ideas that sound and look good, but they may not translate to a custom patch.

According to True List, you should limit yourself to using two colors when designing a logo. You want to hover around that color range for custom patches so the patterns remain highly visible. When it comes to size, you should choose a design that makes sense for the patch’s intended scale. Avoid including overly intricate details that may not be distinguishable in the final product.

Sketch a Rough Draft of Your Patch Design

Now that you have a design in mind for your custom patch, the next step is putting your idea down on paper. You can do that by providing a rough draft of your patch design. Sketch the design on paper and send it to the patch makers. Coordinating with the patch makers is also recommended if you’re having difficulty sketching or refining the designs for your custom police patches and other creations.

Evaluate the Digitized Patch Design

Once your base patch design is ready, you can send it to the patch makers for digitization. At this point, you can just wait for the patch makers to finalize the digital design. They will present the design to you for approval, and you can either give the green light for production or request changes.

Inspect the Custom Patch

With all the previous steps completed, your custom police patches should be ready for manufacturing and distribution. Inspect the final product first to confirm that it aligns with your vision. The patch makers can finish production after that inspection.

Custom patches can make uniforms and other articles of clothing more unique and identifiable. Create the best custom patches by following the steps we detailed here. Work with us at The Emblem Authority and secure high-quality patches for various applications!

A male police officer

The modern police badge has come a long way over the years. Today, many badges are made from advanced, lightweight materials and feature advanced technologies. If you’re looking for custom police badges, you’ll have tons of options regarding styling, materials, and more. To better understand badges and the choices you have today, let’s take a look at the evolution of police badges.

The Emergence of Badges

Did you know that police badges mark one of the earliest job-specific uniforms? While uniforms are common today, they’re also a relatively recent invention. Even ancient armies often lacked highly standardized uniforms. This was due in part to the fact that mass production didn’t really exist, and thus it was hard to create standardized goods.

Still, there were times when people in authority needed to identify themselves. Sometimes people needed to show who they had sworn allegiance to as well. This paved the way for badges. According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, police badges emerged in the medieval age when knights sported a coat of arms demonstrating their allegiances and loyalty.

The precursors to modern police forces also started to appear in the medieval ages, particularly in England. When people were put into positions of authority, it helped to have a badge that could identify them. This way, people would be able to pick them out for help. These early badges were often made of fabrics and were a far cry from the modern custom police badges available today.

Modern Policing and the Modern Badge

The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum notes that historians speculate that police badges, as we conceive of them today, emerged around 1845 in England. London then was a massive city, and the local police force that was set up paved the way for modern police forces the world over.

Police badges can signify which organization an officer worked for. This, in turn, makes it easier to determine authority and jurisdiction. Further, many police badges will also signify rank. This can make communication and coordination in an emergency easier.

If you’re looking for some of the best custom police badges, get in touch with The Emblem Authority. We can help you design and craft modern badges that will demonstrate your police force’s priorities and make identification easy. When working with us, you can expect expert craftsmanship and materials.


You might see people wearing lapel pins at certain events. These are tiny pins that are put on clothing that show an affiliation with a cause or an organization. Not sure when should you wear one? We’re here to help you with this basic etiquette guide.

Wear Them at Events or Fundraising

Are you having a wedding? You can have a lapel pin made to commemorate that major event in your life and have the people in your wedding party wear it. They’re also perfect for fundraisers since they’re an excellent symbol for a particular cause. That way, people can show that they support it in a discreet way, and the money that they pay for the pins can be donated to that particular cause. This will then be a two-fold way of showing their support.

Where to Wear Them

There’s a certain way to wear a lapel pin. Men can wear them on their suit jackets, on the left side. It can go through the buttonhole if it’s a long-stem lapel. If there’s a pocket for a handkerchief square, it can go above that. Some might like to wear it on the collar of their shirt. Generally, it’ll be on the suit jacket, though. Many people also like to wear lapel pins on jean jackets or leather jackets, typically on one or both sides of the breast. Depending on your style, you may also choose to mix and match lapel pins with patches.

There are also exceptions when it comes to wearing lapel pins. You shouldn’t wear them at funerals or job interviews. An exception to that might be if the deceased was a member of a certain organization that wore a pin, such as the local fire department, and people might don them to show support. The main rule of thumb is to ask if the general public would think that it would be appropriate to wear it at the time. It’s a matter of trusting your gut.

If you’re looking for custom lapel pins or patches to suit your needs, look no further than The Emblem Authority. We can create the perfect lapel pins for your organization whether you’re police officers, firefighters, or EMSes. Contact us today to get started!

Challenge coins are rooted in history and serve as a treasured tradition among many groups. Their origin is in the military, but they have transcended the troops and moved into other lines of work and settings. Here, we’ll dive into the history and use of challenge coins.

A Brief History

The tradition of the challenge coin started in World War I, according to the U.S. Department of Defense. Military squadrons began creating their own coins of identity and belonging. They were informative to others in declaring a soldier’s affiliations but also were a source of camaraderie within a group. They differed from squadron to squadron and typically bore symbols.

Design and Significance

One challenge coin will differ greatly from another in terms of shape, size, and symbology. Typically made of metal, the coins reflect their issuing group. A squadron or other group may choose to include colors, pictures, and other symbols that have significance to the history and membership of the group. Then, in turn, the coins themselves become an identifier and quasi-logo of the group to which they belong.

The Challenge

Because it’s a tradition to honor and keep the challenge coin close, one member may challenge another to produce their coin without notice. If the challenged member is unable to produce their coin, there is typically a consequence or penalty, such as buying drinks for the group. The point is to always be prepared and show commitment to the fellowship by always holding onto the challenge coin.

Beyond the Military

Challenge coins originated in the military and are still most commonly used in that environment. However, their use has extended to other settings as well. Police officers, EMS professionals, and firefighters, with their strong military ties, have also adopted the practice of creating and issuing challenge coins. Other businesses and organizations without ties to the military have also caught on. It’s likely that there are groups within your sphere who keep the coins and extend challenges among fellow members.

Challenge coins provide a fun and significant way to pledge commitment to a group and enjoy the camaraderie of belonging. While they started in small squadrons during World War I, they have endured to this day and extend to non-military groups. Teams looking for a way to increase pride and belonging might want to consider creating their own challenge coin, and we can help! Contact The Emblem Authority today for more information about our custom challenge coins or to learn more about our other services.

The business landscape continues to grow more competitive every day. In a sea of competition, you need to stand out in the crowd. You need a way for customers to recognize your products instantly. Custom emblems are a great way to help your company grow to new heights.

Brand Recognition

Custom emblem templates can help you create a unique logo that everyone will recognize. Without reading the label, people who see your signature will instantly know what they’re buying or seeing. A great example of this comes from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to NASA, each space mission gets a unique patch, so everyone knows the patch is from that particular mission. They’ve been doing this since 1965 and is a great way to exemplify how a patch can stand for something extraordinary.

Brand Identity

Custom emblem templates do so much more than help people recognize your brand. They tell potential customers what your brand is all about. The colors on your emblem can convey critical characteristics about your business. Black and white logos portray modern sophistication and elegance, whereas neon colors represent a fun, carefree business where the rules don’t apply. Purple signifies creativity, while red is a classic color for passion. The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Customers will recognize your brand when they see your emblem or logo on a package. Once new customers see your logo, they’ll develop an instant first impression. Likewise, if they see a package without one, they’ll assume your business is not as professional as companies that take the time to work with custom emblem templates. You want to ensure customers know you’re professional, trustworthy, and mean what you say. Taking the time to design a logo conveys that precise message.


Brands must remain consistent across every version of marketing they use. You should have the same symbol on social media platforms, packaging, products, business cards, and any other merchandise or swag you have. This helps customers recognize your brand. After a person sees an image so many times, they’ll instantly remember it. However, it’s impossible to achieve that if you haven’t worked with a professional to design a custom emblem.

Custom emblems have the power to communicate with an audience you’ve never met before. They can instantly help you create a unique identity that enables you to stand out, increasing your customers and profits. Contact The Emblem Authority today to learn more about the design process.

Have you decided that you want to create a custom patch? Perhaps you need one for a police officer, firefighter, EMS, or even a charity or fundraising group. If you find yourself in need of something unique to represent a cause, there are some things to consider while designing your custom patches.


Before you create the patch, you should consider doing thorough research. For example, according to Review 42, the color that you pick will influence 90% of a first impression. That means that you want to pick colors that are pleasing to the eye while also symbolizing what the people wearing them stand for. Play around with a color wheel and see what sticks out. That will help the customized patch designer do the best job possible with your chosen colors.


After picking the colors comes the fun part; the actual design. Work with the designer by explaining your vision so we can use our expertise to bring it to life in an efficient way. Show it to others and see what their first impression is. Once you get a general consensus that’s in line with your expectations, give your customized patch designer the green light.


This part of the design depends on how many threads will be used on the patch. If it’s a lot, it might make it feel crowded. Talk with the designer and see what could be reduced to make it still stand out. Consider who will be wearing them and what type of fabric they will be put on. That can save you some time and effort, including possibly having to do some returns later on, which will cost you money.

Designing these patches can be a lot of fun but be sure to talk it over with experts who can help guide you through the whole process, especially if this is your first time doing it. After doing all of this, you should love the finished product that you hold in your hands. Then you can proudly wear it around and the work will be worth it.

Are you looking for a customized patch designer in your area? We can help you there! At The Emblem Authority, we do patches, challenge coins, and badges. It’s especially our honor to make these for those in the police, firefighting, or EMS fields. Regardless of the organization, contact us today to get started!