Keeping things simple is what we strive for!

How to order a new design!

  • Please fill in our quote form and provide the necessary information.
  • Send us a photo of your sketch/patch you’d like produced.  
  • We will contact you ASAP with all the details of producing your emblem with us.

You can also email us directly at

Or give us a call: 800-378-0417

How to re-order a design you’ve already had made with us!

Please email your Account Executive directly to re-order a design you’ve already had produced with us.  Have you forgotten who your Account Executive is?  No worries!  Visit our Sales Team page and find which state you are in.  Your Account Executive will have all of your information on file to make re-ordering simple and easy!

How to re-order a patch you’ve had produced with another manufacturer, but would like to work with us to produce it now!

Do you have an emblem you’d like us to re-produce?  We can match it!  Visit our Sales Team page and find which state you are in.  Contact your states Account Executive directly with a photo of your patch along with the measurements. At that point, your Account Executive will send you a quote.  Then you can mail us a physical sample of your patch to match!