Fire department morale is vitally important to get the job done. It may sound like a very simple idea but fire department patches can help to boost morale. The right fire department patch designer can help your organization to create a patch that brings a great deal of pride to the wearer.

Sometimes the simplest of things can add morale to a group. A badge patch is one of those things that can elevate a sense of belonging, pride, and responsibility to the group.

Custom Fire Dept Patches

There are over 1.1 million career and volunteer firefighters in the US. Every single one of those firefighters is brave, and risk their lives to help keep their community safe. Fire department patches help firefighters develop a sense of belonging to their department.

Custom fire department patches also make it a lot easier for group members, community members, and other agencies to easily recognize members. They are a great way to identify members and to get your message out to the community.

Raising Morale

Being a firefighter can be a high-stress job that does not come with a lot of thanks. While people certainly do appreciate their firefighters in their community, they may not extend that sense of appreciation at the level that they should.

Long hours away from the family, hard work, and being in a constant danger state can really take a toll on morale. Keeping your organizations morale up is critical to ensure that the job gets done right and that the members are happy to do it.

Bringing your organization together is vital to their performance, making sure morale stays high, and every member is proud to be a part of the organization is key. Fire department patches will help your members to stay connected, feel proud of the organization, and feel a sense of duty to the other members.

The company that makes patches that is trusted among organizations, can help you to design a patch with a logo, saying, and information that helps your members to feel connected. It is a simple solution and an easy one to deploy to ensure that all your members are proud members that can keep their morale up all the time.

A badge patch may seem like extra decoration, an item of interest that’s not really very important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, badge patches serve an important purpose. These patches provide a lot of information. Sometimes, a badge patch can be used to display rank, location, police or fire department precinct numbers, and lots more. Some badge patches even display important awards and achievements. No uniform is really complete without this insignia. Now, are you beginning to understand why the badge patch is such an important part of any uniform?

What Goes on a Badge Patch?

On any uniform, a badge patch conveys vital information. This patch can be used to display rank within police departments and other law enforcement agencies. It can also be used to show a specific city or county location, along with a precinct within this region. A badge patch can also show other vital information, including an official police o security officer shield, a state boat of arms, or other graphics that are steeped in meaning.

A badge patch can be designed in any shape or size, and it can be made with Velcro backing for easy application or designed to be sewn directly onto fabric. Whether it is sewn on, pinned on, or stuck on with Velcro, the batch patch is a necessary part of the uniform and no uniform is complete without this insignia.

How Is a Badge Patch Made?

A lot of work goes into making a badge patch. All the elements must be put together to display the information in an attractive way. The color scheme, shape, and design must all be carefully chosen so that each element on the patch is clear and distinct. Once the design is determined, a custom badge patch is typically embroidered. That takes a lot of hours of work. Luckily, there are computer programs that can be used to program sewing machines However, it still takes a great amount of skill in order to program this software the right way and a lot of know-how to use the machinery that will embroider the design.

Who Can Make and Design a Great Badge Patch?

When lots of different information has to be conveyed in a way that’s attractive and eye-catching, things an get pretty complicated. It’s actually much more difficult to design a badge patch than you might think — until you attempt to design on of these patches yourself. Whether you need a badge patch design for law enforcement patches, fire department patches, EMS patches, or any other type of uniform, you need a professional who knows how to design a great-looking badge patch that has all the necessary information on display.

There are 17,985 police agencies in the U.S. alone. That includes city police departments, county sheriff’s departments, state and police highway patrol agencies, and federal law enforcement departments of all types. That’s just the police! Fire departments, EMS workers, security guards, and many other types of professionals might wear a badge patch on their regulation uniforms.

It’s not necessary for all these different departments and agencies to come up with their own badge patch design that’s going to display all the right information in a way that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Find a company that makes patches t have a custom badge patch designed. There are professional companies that will have a patch creator, a badge patch designer, who knows how to arrange elements in a pleasing way while still keeping information on display as needed. These people specialize in designing custom police badges and patches of all kinds.

Patches are an important element of any uniform and a good badge patch is an absolute essential for many of those individuals who protect the rest of us: the first responders, the security guards, and the other people who risk their own health in order to keep everyone else safe. These heroes deserve amazing looking custom patches. They deserve someone who knows how to make a great badge patch in a great-looking design.

There are many good ways to show for your team and your family. Many policemen, firemen, and EMS workers wear badges every day to easily identify themselves. Here are six ways you can use a patch to honor a special person in your life:

By Your Heart

One of the more traditional places for law enforcement patches and fire department patches is on your chest, right over your heart. Whether you’re sewing your patch onto a uniform or just want to show your support using your favorite jacket, wearing your patch on your chest is a tried and true way to show your support.

On Your Sleeve

Another great place to show off custom police badges, for example, is on your sleeve. Whether you wear a badge patch high on your arm or need to put on multiple patches for any reason, the sleeve is a great way to show off your custom badge.

On Your Bag

Backpacks, tote bags, laptop cases; there are a variety of ways for you to carry law enforcement patches or EMS patches with you wherever you go. You’ll never lose your badge when it’s sewed on tight and you’ll never leave it behind.

Hung on a Banner

What do you do when you have too many patches to wear but you want to show off your collection? What about creating a felt banner that you can hang patches on to keep them from getting worn and frayed?

Saved as a Keepsake

Some patch lovers will take law enforcement patches and put them in a shadowbox or a frame to preserve them forever. Patches are definitely fun when worn, but displaying them in a frame is a great way to remember fond memories.

Make a Pin

Did you know that you can make a pin out of a patch? Many lapel pins are small and worn on your collar or chest to show that you stand with a particular cause or organization. However, making a lapel pin out of a patch can be a rewarding and fun way to keep track of your patch.

Whether you need custom law enforcement patches or are looking for a more standard, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for your free quote!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are an estimated 1,115,000 professional and volunteer firefighters operating in the U.S. as of 2018. Custom fire dept patches are a great way to bring your team together and to show your volunteer firefighters are affiliated with your department.

But before you invest in custom fire department patches, it’s a good idea to do some research to help you find the right patch creator for you. That said, here are four things to look for in a fire department patch designer.

  1. Backing options. When you’re choosing a fire department patch designer, you want to be sure that you’re choosing a designer with a variety of backing options available. Common backing options for embroidered patches include plastic, iron-on, adhesive, hooks, loops, pin backs, and magnetic backings. You can also choose to have no backing if that’s your department’s preference.
  2. Thread colors. Different thread colors are essential when you’re creating custom firefighter department patches. Make sure to when you’re researching different patch designers that you’re considering the thread colors and varieties the designer has available. If you want your department’s custom patches to be less than 100% embroidery, it might be a good idea to also consider different twill colors. You want to ensure the designer has the thread and twill available to closely match each color that you have in your department’s design.
  3. Happy customers. Possibly the most important factor to look for in a fire department patch designers is a good reputation. Be sure to check out a designer’s reviews for happy customers, quality materials, and well-designed products.
  4. Good communication. During the patch-making process, you’ll want to be sure that your patch designer stays in good communication with your fire department. Good communication ensures quality results with your final embroidered products. To get a feel for the communication style of your designer, pay attention to how efficiently they respond to emails or phone calls.

Looking for a high-quality fire department patch designer? The Emblem Authority has you covered whether you need official fire department patches, law enforcement patches, or lapel pins for volunteers. To learn more about our custom pins and patches, contact The Emblem Authority today.

There are approximately 17,985 U.S. police agencies operating in the U.S. including Federal Law Enforcement agencies, State Police/Highway Patrol agencies, County Sheriff’s Offices, and City Police Departments. Agency uniforms that feature custom police velcro patches have been noted for making their agency look as official as the officers are.

Whether you’re looking for custom police velcro patches for your station or for a charity event, a professional and experienced patch creator is what you need. But what exactly is the process for creating custom law enforcement patches? Here’s what you can expect when you put in an order for custom police velcro patches:

  1. Design. To get started with your custom patches, you first need to consider your design options. Design options include the colors that will go into your custom patch, the size of your custom patch, and finally the shape. There are a wide variety of twill colors and thread colors you can use to really customize your patches.
  2. Sketch. Once you have the general idea of the design for your custom patches, the next step is to make a sketch. Your sketch doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but it will help to give your patch creator a better idea of the design you’re looking for.
  3. Artwork. After reviewing your sketch, your patch creator will translate your sketched design into a digital format so you can get a better idea of what the finished product will look like.
  4. Quote. If you’re happy with the digital rendering of your sketch and the design choices you’ve made including colors, size, and patch shape, your patch creator will provide you with a quote and will begin moving forward on the rest of your custom patch.
  5. Quality assurance. At this point in the process, you’ll get to see the final product of your custom patch design. This is the time when you give your custom patch a final inspection and quality check to ensure everything about your custom patch is to your liking. If you’re completely satisfied with your custom patch, the rest of the custom patches can be made.
  6. Shipping. After your custom patches have been created, they’ll be swiftly and efficiently sent to you and your agency.

Customized patches are a great way to set your agency apart while unifying your officers. Ready to get started with your custom police velcro patches? Contact your local patch creator today.

Fire Department patches and custom police badges are a great way to set your organization apart from the others. A company that makes patches can help you to design the fire department patches that help to encourage pride in your organization.

A professional Fire Department patch designer has the skill set to bring your vision to life. A patch can deliver the message you want to be heard, and so much more.

Why Is a Custom Patch so Important to Your Members?

It may not seem that something as simple as a patch can have a tremendous effect on your workforce, but it can. A patch is more than a piece of material sewn on, it is a status symbol for your group.

A custom-designed Fire Department patch can convey a number of things about your department, but more importantly, it can increase morale among firefighters. When firefighters put on their uniform they should feel a sense of pride and community. The patch that they wear on their uniform gives them a sense of unity with the other people that wear the same uniform.

A unique patch designed especially for your department, helps to give your members a feeling of exclusivity and cement the obligations that they feel toward one another. It makes them easily recognizable as members of your specific unit.

What Does Your Patch Tell The Community?

Fire Department patches can convey any message that you want to the community that you work in. It helps community members to know that they are dealing with a professional team of highly trained experts.

Fire dept patches can be designed with your unit motto. It can deliver the message of your commitment to the community. You can choose whatever you want to be incorporated into the patch. For example:

  • The date the department was founded
  • The department’s motto or slogan
  • Other graphics

The right designer can take any and all of your ideas for your patch and transform those ideas into a high-quality patch. An experienced patch creator can help your department have the patches that they feel good about wearing.

Show Your Pride

With the right supplier, you can find all the patches, lapel pins, custom police Velcro patches, and more all through one trusted vendor. Give the members of your organization an opportunity to feel the pride of belonging to a special family of first responders with custom patches and more.

company that makes patches

Per the NFPA, an estimated 1,115,000 volunteer and career firefighters were active within the U.S. in 2018. Patches are on uniforms for all of those people. If you think about it, patches are on many different types of uniforms and clothing whether for police, firefighters or EMS. A lot goes into making a quality patch that fully represents those who need them. Working closely with a company that makes patches ensures that custom embroidered patches are created that reflect the character and pride of an agency.

What Should You Know About a Company That Makes Patches?

When a badge patch needs to be created, you want to make sure you are using a company that has plenty of experience. They should be able to design and manufacture any type of patches you require including EMS patches, custom police badges, fire department patches, law enforcement patches, and many more. Improved manufacturing technology is a must since you want accurate designs that you can count on.

Work Closely with a Company That Makes Patches

Working closely with a company that makes patches means you are guaranteed to get an ideal design using top-grade materials. It helps to know the exact quality of the garment a patch is going to be used on so the type of backing used will last for the duration of the garment. Once you have had quality emblems created, consider having matching pins and other items created that fully carry through the design through every department.

Understand the Custom Design Process for a Company That Makes Patches

Knowing what to expect during the custom design process is helpful. Your ideas and sketches will be used to create an attractive final design. Once the design has been defined, it is time to outline it by choosing colors, the shape, and size. Sketch what you have in mind and send it to the custom emblem design company. Their artists will put your artwork into a digital format for approval. You will then receive a quote so production can move forward after the final design has been approved. That isn’t where quality and assurance stop. There is a final inspection after manufacturing to ensure your emblems look perfect in every way. Finally, your emblems are packed and shipped directly to you.

Do You Need Assistance with Designs?

In some cases, you may need assistance with designs. Emblem design companies can help you every step of the way. Are you having trouble finding the perfect shape? Use patch shape templates that give you many ideas concerning the exact shape you would prefer. Simply download their templates so you can start working on ideas.

Choosing colors isn’t difficult. However, it is helpful to know the exact colors used on emblems. Request twill colors, Pantone swatches, and thread colors so you know what you are working with. It is ideal to be able to figure out designs knowing the colors that will be directly used on the emblems you want to be produced.

Use the Services Offered by the Experts

When every stitch counts, use the services offered by the experts. An emblem manufacturer doesn’t become an industry leader because it does not produce excellent goods. Top emblem creation companies utilize innovative techniques and technology so their manufacturing process is second to none. They employ creative staff who are always ready to assist customers in any manner, as well. You can count on them to be the top authority on everything concerning embroidered emblems.

You can have patches reproduced or redesigned completely by their in-house creative team. Each stitch, color, and design is a collaborative process. The goal is to produce the highest-quality patches that fully reflect the authority and spirit of an agency. You also have the ability to purchase stock patches that will match nearly any uniform. Stock designs offer fast service with no waiting. Whether you want custom designs or stock designs, you are guaranteed that your needs will be 100% met by a caring staff ready to provide the perfect emblems for your agency.

public safety badge patches

Patches are widely known to play an important role in giving departments, institutions, and companies an identity. Just like lapel pins indicate affiliation with a cause or organization, a patch’s textual and symbolic message also does the same. EMS patches and fire dept patches, for example, can help you know that the person works in the healthcare and firefighting field respectively. If designing a badge patch for your company is what you have in mind, you need to make it stand out. Here are tips to help you get the best result.

1. Simplicity is the Way to Go

Truth be told, most people incline towards simplicity and overlook anything that seems complicated. The same goes when it comes to patches and you are advised to stick to a simple design. Think about the most memorable ones such as law enforcement patches and you will realize how simple they are. With a simple design, most people will have an easy time identifying a patch affiliated to your company.

2. Bold Is the Best

With the visibility aspect in mind, it would be good to go for bold designs and bold text. Re-creating delicate, fine and small text is hard with traditional embroidery processes. This tells you that when making EMS patches, for example, text that is thick and big as possible is the best. Not only will this make the EMS patches eye-catching, but more legible as well.

3. Contrast Does Count

As compared to flatness, humans are wired to better respond to contrast. With the right contrast, rest assured that the badge will remain etched in the mind of whoever sees it. This explains why black and white patches have passed the test of time as they make message capturing and memorizing easy. This does not mean that you have to stick to black and white considering that your company needs a unique identity. Choosing a striking color theme with the right contrast will help you strike the correct balance.

4. Big Is Better

If you were to think about fire department patches, they are created in a manner that helps connect with people. If this is the kind of patch you need for your company, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate your message. Though the position of a patch determines its size, you can never go wrong with going for the maximum possible size. Bigger is better because you will have all the space needed to incorporate a design you have in mind.

5. Complementary Border Color

The border is an area that should not be overlooked when designing EMS patches or any other. Keep in mind that border color can add or reduce background depth that plays a major role in determining visibility. Border colors that complement the background are the best given that they draw attention by adding background depth.

How To Find the Right Company

As you can see, creativity is limitless when it comes to badges. To get a large number of badges of say, EMS patches, you will need the help of a company that makes patches. Before you place an order, how will you evaluate the best patch supplier in town?

Always go for a patch making company with a good reputation as this guarantees quality. In fact, quality is a key driver when it comes to getting value for money. Asking for samples will help you know if you are dealing with the right people. You don’t want a company that delivers weeks or even months after the promised date so check for customer reviews online to help you know about suppliers you’re considering.

Experience is another factor that you need to consider. A supplier who has been in this industry long enough will have mastered the trade over the years to know what makes clients happy.

Patches are a great way of making your business stand out. Even so, you need to know what it takes to get the best. With these tips, you are more than ready to make an order today.


America is home to 17,985 police agencies including Highway Patrol, City Police Departments, and County Sheriff. Each of these agencies has its own custom police badges and police pins that help in telling them apart. Talking of pins, the demand for lapel pins seems to be on the rise in the last few years. Let’s take a closer look at what these pins are and how to choose a good lapel pin supplier.

Lapel Pins

They’re minute pins normally worn on the lapel of a dress, jacket, or coat. They somewhat look like jewelry, but jewelry depicting affiliation to a certain cause or organization. A lapel pin can come in a wide array of designs such as a country’s flag, a company’s logo, or even a message slogan. There are many ways in which this pin comes in handy including:

  • Corporate identity: A lapel pin on an employee’s coat brings out a professional look. In most cases, such pins have the company’s name or logo.
  • Recognition: People can easily tell that a person is affiliated with a particular organization by looking at the lapel pin. Thanks to these pins, the public can easily tell the company you work as well as the work you do.
  • Awards: Pins are used as awards that recognize employees’ success and achievement. They can also be used as awards during contests and events. Rewarding winners or even participants with lapel pins goes a long way in making the event more memorable.
  • Unique collectible or gift: Pinpointing the best gift to appreciate people can at times be hard. Even so, you can never go wrong with a lapel pin. Some people find lapel pins so attractive that they can’t help but collect them as a hobby.

If you plan to shop for lapel pins today or in the near future, there are certain things you need to consider. Here is a guideline to help you.

1. Quality

Quality is an aspect that you should never overlook when buying any product, and lapel pins are no exception. A lapel pin that meets the proper standards is built to last. Gifting someone a quality lapel pin means that the recipient will wear it for years to come. Remember that buying quality means getting the most out of every penny shelled out.

2. Design

Now that you’re shopping for a pin that meets certain requirements, the vendor should have a variety of designs. A wide selection increases the chances of getting what you want, or something close. In fact, many designs mean that you might get a lapel pin that surpasses what you wanted. On the flip side, a seller with few designs to choose from means that you will be highly limited. Such vendors are not the best as you might end up buying pins that don’t serve the purpose you want.

You’ll be glad to know that some vendors in this industry offer customized pins. This is a big plus in the event that you need lapel pins with a specific design. Although this might mean paying a little extra, the end product will be worth the price paid. In short, if a unique design is what you have in mind, a company that produces customized pins is the best.

3. Shipping Services

Shipping might not seem like a big deal, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are times when shipping takes ages before the product reaches the buyer. What is more, some shipping services aren’t careful when handling goods, hence the recipient gets something that is in bad shape. Before settling for any lapel pin seller, make sure that their preferred shipper is reliable.

4. Price

Having a shopping budget is among the best decisions you can ever make in today’s unforgiving economy. Always go lapel pins that won’t drain your wallet. In order to get a fair price, it’s always wise to get price quotes from several lapel pin sellers. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best as this could mean compromised quality.

Many people out there don’t know how to get the best deal when buying lapel pins but with the above tips, you won’t make the same mistake.

NYPD Auxiliary Police officers in Central Park, NYC

Laundry is something that never seems to end, especially when an entire family or department is involved. While you might go on autopilot when doing the washing, this won’t work if you have articles of clothing that need special care. Clothing that has embroidery or patches should be cleaned with special instructions to preserve these items. For those who work as EMS responders, fire fighters, or police officers, knowing how to properly care for clothing with patches can save headaches later on.


It is important to check patches to see if they are stained before you wash the garment. Certain types, such as fire department patches on uniforms, may be more inclined to gather dirt and debris. If you notice that the patch is dirty, you should clean it before washing the garment. Using a toothbrush or other small brush, along with dish soap and cold water, can assist you with removing dirt and stains. Remember to scrub softly so that you don’t trap the dirt deeper into the fibers. Cleaning as much dirt off this way will help it come much cleaner when you wash it.



Most patches can be washed in the washing machine, so long as proper care is taken before they are placed into the machine. You should ensure that the garment is turned inside out first. It should be washed in cold water and on the gentle cycle. This reduces the chances that the patch will get torn up in the washer while washing. If you are worried about whether or not you can wash your garment in the washing machine, then hand washing is always an alternative.


Some patches are safe to be dried, especially embroidered ones. Clothing with more permanent patches, such as law enforcement patches, should be durable enough to handle a low temp drying session. You should remember to dry on a cool setting. If you need to iron the garment that has a patch, remember to place something over it to further protect it. Doing these things can extend your patch life and keep you from having to replace it.

Caring for your patches is just as important as finding a reputable company that makes patches. Many service personnel have these emblems on their clothes; knowing how to properly care for them will eliminate the need for replacement. If you consider there are almost 18,000 police agencies — including city, county, state and federal offices — in the United States, then you can imagine just how many professional uniforms have them. Caring for these uniforms can be tricky at times, but following these simple tips you can be sure that they will last as long as possible.