fire department patches

When you invest in the best quality fire department patches you can find, you do your crew a great service. You can choose a company that makes the types of patches you need, such as velcro patches that can be removed and placed on uniforms as needed, or you can buy the fire department patches that are affixed permanently to the uniforms of the service people you employ.

With over a million volunteer and career-style firefighters in the nation as of 2018, it’s easy to find a company to supply you with the custom types of patches you need. However, it’s important that you focus on the quality of the items you order. Here are the reasons why focusing on quality is key.

You Make Uniforms Look More Professional

When you have fire department patches designed professionally, you make your fire dept uniforms look even more professional than they already are. You want to focus on the stitch work and the vibrancy of all the patches you have put on your team, so everyone feels equal and appreciated, from your volunteer firefighters to those who do the work professionally as a career.

You Make Uniforms Last Longer

Investing in quality patches for your fire department personnel means you also invest in their uniforms as a whole. When you ensure the patches are of great quality by choosing a great fire department patch designer for your needs, you do even more to ensure that the uniforms last a long time. The more you invest in the fire department uniforms as a whole, the less money you have to spend on repairs or replacements as a preventative measure.

You Get More for Your Investment

Whether you buy your fire department patches in bulk or on an as-needed basis, you want to make sure you get great value for your investment. Quality matters in ensuring you have patches that won’t easily tear or fade, or bleed into the design of the rest of the uniform. Patches should be vibrant and easy to read, which will make them effective in identifying your firefighters in most situations.

You Get Reliable Patches That Work

The purpose of the fire department patches is to help make your firefighters feel like they are part of your unit and that they can be easily identified in the event of a dangerous scenario. Reliable patches that don’t fade or come off, even if they are made with Velcro backing, are beneficial to your fire department team.

Work with a company that makes patches for police and fire departments so you get the most out of your investment. A company with a great turnaround time and a reliable reputation is the one you want for all your patches, pins, badges, and more. Ask about bulk prices because they may be cheaper than you would pay for individual patches.


The internet has revolutionized how different organizations communicate with their employees and customers. Organizations are now using video content, social media, and blogs as their advertising tools. However, there are other important forms of advertising that organizations should not overlook. One such example is badge patches. Keep reading to find out how a badge patch can take your organization to the next level.

Creates a Sense of Belonging

An organization whose employees feel they belong is bound to be successful. One way you can make your employees feel like part of a team is by introducing a lapel pin. A lapel pin is worn to show affiliation with a cause or organization. Policemen, military personnel, and firemen are some of the professions that are commonly worn lapel pins.

If you are looking to keep your employees motivated, it is high time you tried custom made patches. For example, police officers can wear a custom police Velcro patch as part of their uniform. This little patch gives them a sense of belonging, enhancing their performance.

Brand Recognition

Brand retention is important for any business. If you would like your brand to remain relevant in the market, custom made patches will do that for you. Velcro patches for your employees are a perfect way to ensure that your brand is noticed and stays relevant. Most police officers, for example, wear a custom police Velcro patch that makes them stand out. In addition to the physical aspect, the productivity level increases.


A simple act such as having your employees wear a custom patch goes a long way in advertising. Employees who wear custom patches are like walking billboards. Everyone who sees them will know that they work with a certain organization.

Firemen who wear fire department patches are easy to recognize. The same case applies to a police officer wearing a custom police Velcro patch. If you are looking for an easy advertising tool for your organization, you should try Velcro patches or lapel pins.

Enhances Professionalism

Employees who wear badge patches look professional and bold. A Custom police Velcro patch, for example, makes a police officer stand out and look very professional. Clients will easily connect with your employees if they look professional.

A custom Velcro patch will help assure clients that your employees know what they are doing. By building your clients’ trust, your business will grow.


One of the major concerns of most organizations is security. Organizations will install cameras and have security personnel at different points for security. Another great way of enhancing security is requiring your employees to wear custom patches.

A custom police Velcro patch makes it possible to identify an individual as a police officer. A person not wearing a police patch or badge cannot conduct the duties of a police officer. If they try to do anything in the capacity of a police officer, they can be identified as a threat to security.

Final Word

Custom patches are a great way to take your business or organization to the next level. The best thing about custom patches is that they are easy to make and can be incorporated into almost any uniform or cloth. If you are looking for a reliable custom patch creator for your business, contact us today.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we all go about our daily lives. But because COVID-19 is such a new threat, we’re learning more about it as the pandemic rages on. Recommendations that were made back in March may not hold as true today for the simple fact that we’re discovering more about the virus — and how it spreads — as cases become more prevalent. While this can be confusing for many of us, it’s essential that we follow the guidelines laid out by leading health officials in order to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and members of our communities.

Regardless of the rules that your municipality may have in place, the use of face coverings and masks is a recommended practice for anyone who cannot maintain at least six feet of distance from others outside their home. However, you may be wondering about the actual effectiveness of face masks or have questions about whether it’s necessary for frontline workers to wear them in public. We hope this post will clear up any confusion you may have and illustrate the importance of this type of facial protection.

Do Face Masks Really Do Anything?

At the very start of the pandemic, the CDC actually made recommendations against the widespread use of face coverings and masks. However, those recommendations were amended fairly quickly once experts learned more about asymptomatic carriers and transmission. After it was discovered that infected persons could easily spread COVID-19 to others before they ever showed symptoms, national and international health organizations alike made it clear that face masks were one of several important preventative measures we can take to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Of course, different kinds of masks offer different levels of protection. Surgical and N95 masks offer a greater level of protection than cloth masks, but masks made of cloth can be surprisingly effective in reducing the spread of disease. Recent evidence suggests that cloth masks can keep respiratory droplets and aerosols (which can easily spread the virus) from traveling to infect others. Ultimately, mask-wearing is most successful when used in tandem with other preventative measures — but it’s a step we can’t afford to overlook.

Why Should Frontline Workers Take These Extra Health Precautions?

Many of those working in public health and safety feel that it’s important for the public to see their entire faces. That may explain why law enforcement officers and other personnel nationwide have often been seen without face coverings. In other cases, frontline workers may not realize the extreme danger; they may even think that because they put their own safety on the line every day at work, they’re used to taking risks.

While it may be a valid concern that frontline workers need to make sure their faces can clearly be seen by the general public, it’s perhaps even more important to be concerned with your own health and the well-being of anyone with whom you come into contact. Those who work at the 17,985 police agencies and other public safety organizations nationwide are considered essential.

As a frontline worker, your job involves direct work with the public — and that puts you at a much higher risk for contracting COVID-19. We know that many people infected with COVID-19 won’t show symptoms for up to two weeks, while some may never show any symptoms at all. Because of that, you or someone you help could be carrying the novel coronavirus without realizing it. And since we know that face masks can make a significant difference in how COVID-19 spreads, wearing one is a way to protect yourself and others while you’re at work.

Where Can I Find Masks Specifically Designed For Frontline Workers?

Fortunately, many companies with the ability to do so have added a face mask to their product lines. We were already entrusted with making patches and pins for frontline workers — so it only makes sense that we can now make customized masks for agencies all across the country. For more information on our high-quality custom masks, please get in touch today.

Across the nation, here are more than a million firefighters, both in the career and volunteer sectors. These individuals risk their lives to keep the public and the environment safe in the event of a fire or other natural disaster.

Part of what makes a firefighter fit their role is the uniform they wear. To help your volunteer and career firefighters feel personally important and to give them greater security that they can be individually identified in the event of an accident or other issue, a fire department patch is necessary. You can create a custom badge or a custom patch for your firefighters to wear, which can make a big difference in how they operate in the field and how easily identifiable they can be when it matters most. Here are reasons to consider pins, badges, patches, and other identifying accessories for your firefighters.

Each Firefighter Has Their Own Identity

Yes, you want your firefighter crew to work and be recognized as a team, but each person is still an individual with their own strengths, personality, and special skills. When you have fire department patches made that are custom for each person on your team, you show them that you care about them as individual people as well as a unit, and you do your part to create a tighter team in the process.

Each Firefighter Needs Their Own Identifier

If your firefighters were to take on a massive fire or cover a lot of ground, you need to be able to quickly identify each individual at a glance. This is no easy feat when each employee or volunteer firefighter wears the same colored suit or they are all wearing protective gear protecting their faces.

A custom patch placed on the back, forearm, or front of each firefighter, either designed in a custom shape, color, or with a certain set of initials on the badge or patch, can help make identifying each firefighter easier. This way, should you need to organize your crew or a single firefighter were to go missing, you’d have the proper identifiers to quickly determine what you need to do.

You can order custom patches and badges by the lot or on an as-needed basis for your crew. A custom badge helps a firefighter feel even more unique and needed on the crew and can make a difference in work performance and safety overall.

In the United States alone, there are more than 800,000 sworn in law enforcement officials nationwide. These police officers, in addition to the many other emergency personnel such as firefighters and EMTs, need professional uniforms to display to the community that they are trustworthy. Velcro patches allow these various types of emergency service departments to easily identify to the public who they are.

The patches worn by law enforcement, fire departments, and EMT services are important to their uniform. A first responder’s uniform allows those in need to quickly identify the first responders and let them know who they are affiliated with. It is important for emergency services personnel to have professional uniforms in order to promote solidarity between the individuals, as well as show their service to their community.

The Importance Of The Emergency Responder Uniform

The uniform worn by first responders is more than just a way to distinguish emergency personnel from others in a crowd. Emergency responders are always in the public eye, and their appearance matters significantly to how others view them. It is important that emergency responders look professional in order to evoke trust and respect, and ensure the public that they can assist them if needed.

Velcro patches allow these departments to display the communities they serve on their arm. It is important to hire a reputable badge creator in order to receive quality velcro patches. Velcro police patches are the most effective way to display your department, as they can be easily removed when the uniform is being washed or needs to be replaced.

Instills Trust In The Public

Uniforms worn by public officials such as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs allow the public to be able to trust that they are an official organization, and that they are trained and skilled in their professions.

First responders are constantly on the front lines. Their uniforms are their key identifiers that they are official first responders and there to help. The police, fire, or ems patches are one of the most important aspects of the uniform, and should not be overlooked. It is important to order your patches from a reputable company with a good track record of quality. Therefore, your uniforms will be professional, and allow your department to confidently serve the public.

Custom embroidered patches and lapel pins, small pins worn on clothing to show affiliation with an organization, are a great way to show professionalism and camaraderie with your fire department. However, when you’re looking for a patch creator, it’s important to do your research to ensure you’re getting top quality patches for your department.

To help you avoid making an embroidery mistake, here are a few of the most common mistakes departments and organizations make when looking for a patch creator.

  • Failing to consider the entire uniform. It’s true that thread colors are essential when it comes to designing your fire department patches. However, it’s just as important to consider the rest of your fire department uniform before you begin choosing thread colors. The idea is for your patches to stand out against the uniform. If your fire department wears black shirts with patches that are predominantly black, those patches aren’t likely to show up. That said, make sure to consider contrast when you’re choosing your thread colors with your patch creator.
  • Not addressing problems in the early stages. If you’re not sure about the thread color, thread type, or the backing of your fire department patches, it’s vital to address this uncertainty with your patch creator as early on in the process as possible. Communication is key when it comes to creative endeavors and that including creating patches for fire departments. The longer you wait to bring up a detail that’s bothering you, the longer it’ll take for you to get your fire department’s final patch designs.
  • Not considering which backing options are best. It’s never a good idea to assume that a certain backing option for your fire department patches will work for your department. For instance, you might assume that an adhesive backing may be ideal for your patches only to learn that the patches fall right off. That said, make sure to consider the different backing options your patch creator has available. If you’re not sure about which patches would work best for your department, talk to your patch creator to get more information.

Do you need professional patches for fire departments? The Emblem Authority has the experienced fire department patch designers you need to create the patches you want. Whether you’re interested in embroidered patches or lapel pins, our designers have got you covered. To learn more about our patches for fire departments, contact the Emblem Authority today.

Throughout the country, emblems or patches have been one of the key identifiers for emergency personnel. Emblems allow police, fire, or EMT workers to be easily identified, and act as proof that they are associated with a certain organization. Furthermore, an emblem completes an officer’s uniform, which exerts public safety and security among civilians.

Why Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMT’s Need Professional Uniforms

Emergency personnel and other types of rapid response authority need emblems to further establish the legitimacy of their organization, putting the public at ease as to who they’re dealing with. Emblems complete the uniform of these emergency responders, as they evoke trust and responsibility. For example, a fire department patch must be easily identifiable, as they are usually red and distinguishable from other types of emergency personnel.

The uniform of police or fire departments is universally identifiable, as civilians are taught to recognize these types of uniforms in case of emergency or distress. The emergency response uniform is one of dignity, respect, and professionalism that many emergency response personnel take great pride in. Serving their community is their goal, which makes it a profession of public service.

Emergency response personnel often serve towns, cities, states, and other municipalities, therefore, the emblem worn on their uniform is the name of the community they are committed to serve. Police, fire, as well as EMS patches are staples on all uniforms, therefore, it is important to utilize quality patches that can withstand the daily duties of emergency response personnel.

The Importance Of Quality Police, EMS and Fire Dept Patches

In a sense, the uniform of emergency response personnel exerts a non-verbal form of communication. The police patch demonstrates keeping the community safe and out of harm’s way. The fire dept patches represent professionalism in combating fires, gas leaks, and other harmful entities that put the lives of the public in peril. The EMS patch displays the medical efficacy to care for someone in the middle of a medical episode, and give them comfort knowing that experienced professionals are on scene.

Because of the rigorous conditions that emergency personnel experience daily, oftentimes putting their lives on the line for their community, it is important to have a quality emblem that strongly boasts the name of the community they serve. In the United States alone, there are close to 800,000 police officers, and almost 18,000 police departments nationwide. Thus, organizations producing quality patches are vital to the nation’s many communities.

Quality Fire Dept patches and other emergency response agencies are important to the community, as other than vehicles, these are the most widely known symbols of emergency agencies. The uniform worn by emergency services is to provide comfort for those in harm’s way, that help has arrived, and that a trusted and trained emergency service member will keep the community safe and rectify the danger at hand.

Professionalism, solidarity, and community service are all hallmarks of emergency service personnel serving our communities, thus, quality uniforms and patches are an imperative part of their mission of serving and protecting the public.

lapel pins

In the United States, there are more than 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving. This is the highest figure ever. Some of these officers may choose to have lapel pins on their uniforms. One example some might choose to wear is a flag pin. There’s proper etiquette that should be followed with wearing one. Here are some tips on how to wear a flag lapel pin.

1. Placement

In general, it’s good to follow the United States Flag Code for pin-wearing etiquette. The code notes that the flag is representative of a living country and is considered a living thing. It’s because of that, it’s proper to wear the flag lapel pin on the left side near the heart. Any other position is generally not considered proper. In a case where an officer is wearing a tie without a blazer, the placement of the pin should be on the center of the tie. There should be no other tie tacks on the tie. The pin should be firmly attached to your clothing and not be able to spin upside down, as this is also considered inappropriate.

2. Size

Flag lapel pins shouldn’t be large, as it might make it appear flashy. When you look for a flag pin, find one that is small instead. While there’s not a specific size limit that’s right, it’s ideal to choose one that’s at least less than a half inch. Wearing a flag pin this size won’t risk looking flashy and will be more appropriate for the office. If you’re unsure wearing a flag lapel pin is appropriate as a member of law enforcement, the flag code indicates that policemen, firemen, military personnel, and all other patriotic organizations can wear them as a part of their formal uniform.

3. Cleaning

Just as it’s sign of respect to keep an American flag clean, it’s important to keep your flag lapel pin clean as well. First you should remove the keeper or back from your pin. Be sure to do it carefully so you don’t stick yourself. Before using the polish you have, test it out first. Swipe the back of your flag pin with a cotton swab before using it on the rest of the pin. After testing the polish, place it on all of the pin and rub it gently with a cloth. Doing this should take off any tarnish that’s on it. Be aware that some metals, such as copper, will tarnish faster than other metals, such as gold.

Wearing lapel pins or patches can be a way of signifying what organization one belongs to. In the case of flag lapel pins, it’s one way some may choose to signify their patriotism. Be sure to follow the proper etiquette of wearing a flag lapel pin if you choose to wear one.

Fire department morale is vitally important to get the job done. It may sound like a very simple idea but fire department patches can help to boost morale. The right fire department patch designer can help your organization to create a patch that brings a great deal of pride to the wearer.

Sometimes the simplest of things can add morale to a group. A badge patch is one of those things that can elevate a sense of belonging, pride, and responsibility to the group.

Custom Fire Dept Patches

There are over 1.1 million career and volunteer firefighters in the US. Every single one of those firefighters is brave, and risk their lives to help keep their community safe. Fire department patches help firefighters develop a sense of belonging to their department.

Custom fire department patches also make it a lot easier for group members, community members, and other agencies to easily recognize members. They are a great way to identify members and to get your message out to the community.

Raising Morale

Being a firefighter can be a high-stress job that does not come with a lot of thanks. While people certainly do appreciate their firefighters in their community, they may not extend that sense of appreciation at the level that they should.

Long hours away from the family, hard work, and being in a constant danger state can really take a toll on morale. Keeping your organizations morale up is critical to ensure that the job gets done right and that the members are happy to do it.

Bringing your organization together is vital to their performance, making sure morale stays high, and every member is proud to be a part of the organization is key. Fire department patches will help your members to stay connected, feel proud of the organization, and feel a sense of duty to the other members.

The company that makes patches that is trusted among organizations, can help you to design a patch with a logo, saying, and information that helps your members to feel connected. It is a simple solution and an easy one to deploy to ensure that all your members are proud members that can keep their morale up all the time.

A badge patch may seem like extra decoration, an item of interest that’s not really very important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, badge patches serve an important purpose. These patches provide a lot of information. Sometimes, a badge patch can be used to display rank, location, police or fire department precinct numbers, and lots more. Some badge patches even display important awards and achievements. No uniform is really complete without this insignia. Now, are you beginning to understand why the badge patch is such an important part of any uniform?

What Goes on a Badge Patch?

On any uniform, a badge patch conveys vital information. This patch can be used to display rank within police departments and other law enforcement agencies. It can also be used to show a specific city or county location, along with a precinct within this region. A badge patch can also show other vital information, including an official police o security officer shield, a state boat of arms, or other graphics that are steeped in meaning.

A badge patch can be designed in any shape or size, and it can be made with Velcro backing for easy application or designed to be sewn directly onto fabric. Whether it is sewn on, pinned on, or stuck on with Velcro, the batch patch is a necessary part of the uniform and no uniform is complete without this insignia.

How Is a Badge Patch Made?

A lot of work goes into making a badge patch. All the elements must be put together to display the information in an attractive way. The color scheme, shape, and design must all be carefully chosen so that each element on the patch is clear and distinct. Once the design is determined, a custom badge patch is typically embroidered. That takes a lot of hours of work. Luckily, there are computer programs that can be used to program sewing machines However, it still takes a great amount of skill in order to program this software the right way and a lot of know-how to use the machinery that will embroider the design.

Who Can Make and Design a Great Badge Patch?

When lots of different information has to be conveyed in a way that’s attractive and eye-catching, things an get pretty complicated. It’s actually much more difficult to design a badge patch than you might think — until you attempt to design on of these patches yourself. Whether you need a badge patch design for law enforcement patches, fire department patches, EMS patches, or any other type of uniform, you need a professional who knows how to design a great-looking badge patch that has all the necessary information on display.

There are 17,985 police agencies in the U.S. alone. That includes city police departments, county sheriff’s departments, state and police highway patrol agencies, and federal law enforcement departments of all types. That’s just the police! Fire departments, EMS workers, security guards, and many other types of professionals might wear a badge patch on their regulation uniforms.

It’s not necessary for all these different departments and agencies to come up with their own badge patch design that’s going to display all the right information in a way that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Find a company that makes patches t have a custom badge patch designed. There are professional companies that will have a patch creator, a badge patch designer, who knows how to arrange elements in a pleasing way while still keeping information on display as needed. These people specialize in designing custom police badges and patches of all kinds.

Patches are an important element of any uniform and a good badge patch is an absolute essential for many of those individuals who protect the rest of us: the first responders, the security guards, and the other people who risk their own health in order to keep everyone else safe. These heroes deserve amazing looking custom patches. They deserve someone who knows how to make a great badge patch in a great-looking design.