What to Consider When Customizing a Badge

Customizing a badge requires careful thought. You only have a small space to get your message across, which can be challenging. This comprehensive guide will help you design the ideal badge for your message. Here we’ll review everything you need to know, and give you some pro tips from colors to patch designs.

What emotion does your color palette evoke?

The color of your badge and patch designs will instantly give someone an excellent impression. According to Review 42, 90% of a first impression is influenced by colors. Use neon colors like bright yellow sparingly to ensure the design isn’t overwhelming. Study color psychology to ensure the badge conveys the desired emotion. For example, navy blue tends to be serious, while light pink is relaxed and playful.

Focus on the messaging of your custom badge

Always consider the message you want the badge to say. To do this, carefully consider why you’re giving out the badge. Is it to say thank you to a crew of firefighters? Will the badge go to everyone on the team to show that everyone is part of the same team? Teamwork badges usually display something from the job or profession. However, individual badges should be personalized to show they were made specifically for that person.

Considering pre-set patch designs

Sometimes, you must consider pre-set designs when customizing a badge. For example, awareness ribbons are a standard design for breast cancer and autism awareness. These already have a designated color, too. However, you can still create a design around the ribbon to customize the badge. Include a loved one’s favorite flowers, or consider putting their name in front of the ribbon to make the badge unique to a specific person.

Make sure to have a colorful background

If you’re working with a pre-set design, consider adding a colorful background on the badge. The background should coordinate with the color of the design but still portray the emotion you’d like. Including a background, such as a floral background, behind the design is another excellent way to customize your badge while keeping the pre-set design.

The Emblem Authority specializes in custom patches, lapel pins, challenge coins, luggage tags, patch designs, and more. Our team understands that creating personalized patch designs can be challenging. However, we have more than enough experience to create a unique message that says what you want. Contact us to get started on your customized badge design today.