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National Sheriff's Association

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Montage of Police patches, EMS patches and Fire Department patches

Speaking volumes without saying a word.

That's authority. But that ability, to quietly enter a room and command it, where does it come from? Experience. Confidence. And enough training and time spent in the field to know there isn't a situation you haven't seen.

For more than 60 years, we've produced patches for police, sheriff, fire departments, emergency services and thousands of local, state and federal agencies. From less than 50 pieces to more than a million. In that time we've honed and refined our design and manufacturing technologies. Working closely with customers we continue to create embroidered patches that accurately reflect the individual character of each agency.

Each color, each stitch and each individual order is considered in a collaborative process. One that is always guided by the same goal: to serve the customer with the very best quality patches that accurately reflect the spirit and authority of the agency.

It's why we're proud to call ourselves The Emblem Authority.