While patches are our main business, we are capable of providing you with so much more! We can take your patch and shrink it to a embroidered key fob, put it on a baseball cap or beanie, turn it into a lapel pin or metal key chain, embroider it on a luggage tag/ID holder, or die strike it into a “challenge coin.”

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different departments and are often collected by members and non-members alike.

The Emblem Authority can take your sketches, ideas and designs to create a beautiful, unique custom lapel pin.

Fire department lapel pins

Challenge Coins

Coins are becoming increasingly popular among Public Safety Departments!

A challenge coin is a metal medallion, bearing a departments insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. We’ve produced hundreds of challenge coins, each one reflecting the uniqueness of the department that designed it.

The Emblem Authority can take your sketches, ideas and designs to create a beautiful, unique custom challenge coin.

Metal military coins

Embroidered Key Fobs

Represent your department while you’re not on duty!

A great way to secure your keys – an embroidered key fob can be a mini version of your patch. We make our embroidered key fobs double sided as well to add to the sturdiness of the product!  These are fantastic giveaway or gift ideas for your department personnel.

Fire department key fob

Lanyards, Luggage Tags & ID Holders

Let us design and create the perfect custom lanyard & ID holder for your department!

A great way to secure your keys, attach to your luggage when traveling or to hold your ID badge! Custom lanyards are perfect for your next meeting, trade show, or event. They are a great way to promote your department, while also serving as a functional badge or ID holder.


Hats & Baseball Caps

Outfit your department personnel with custom ballcaps or beanies.

Custom baseball caps aren’t just for on the job wear; they are comfortable enough to be worn all day. Here at The Emblem Authority, we will produce a mini version of your patch and attach it to the front of your cap. Contact your Account Executive today to find out what caps and beanies we offer!


Awareness Campaigns

#PinkPatchProject and ‘Pick Your Cause!’

What started as a small campaign to help raise awareness has grown into a national movement among public safety departments collectively wearing and selling pink patches in the fight against breast cancer.

The project centers on vibrant pink versions of the Department’s uniform patch, which have been specially designed by each agency for the #PinkPatchProject Campaign.

Partnering with a cancer research or support group in their community, each department is selling their patches to help fund research, treatment, and education needed to help find a cure. Police officers at each of the agencies participating in the campaign will wear these pink patches on their regular police uniforms for the entire month of October during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

In addition to the #PinkPatchProject, you can also ‘Pick Your Cause’. We have worked with agencies on Autism Awareness patches, Sexual Assault Awareness patches, National Domestic Violence Awareness, Pediatric Cancer Awareness and many others!

Get a Quote on Promo Items

Please contact us for a quote on custom promotional items such as lapel pins, challenge coins, keychains and other items.

For security purposes we at The Emblem Authority only sell to authorized department personnel.