Fire Department Badges and Symbolism

fire dept patches

Firefighters are an important task force in society. According to NFPA, there were nearly 1,115,000 firefighters in the United States in 2018. Firefighters respond to fire outbreaks, rescue people and animals, and care for the sick and injured. They also teach people about fire safety, develop fire regulations, and install fire alarms. As a task force, the firefighter department has badges with different symbols portraying service, sacrifice, readiness, leadership, and other firefighter attributes. The following is all you need to know about fire department badges.

1. Maltese Cross Badge

The Maltese cross badge is arguably one of the most common fire dept patches. It symbolized St. John’s knights during the Crusades in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, the Maltese cross badge is used as a symbol of protection. It implies that the firefighter wearing the badge is ready to lay down their life for people in need of help, the same way Crusaders sacrificed their lives for other people thousands of years ago.

2. Fire Bugle Badge

Fire dept patches with a bugle are common firefighter badges in the United States. The badge was designed in the olden days before radio and other mass media. The leaders of a fire department would use the bugle to alert firefighters. Today, the fire bugle badge is designated for firefighting leaders. It symbolizes leadership, and a person wearing it serves a leadership role in their jurisdiction.

3. Scramble Badge

The scramble is the most iconic fire dept patch. The scramble comprises multiple firefighter symbols, including the fire hydrant, ax, ladder, hats, and other insignias. The scramble represents some of the tools firefighters use in their line of work. The badge differs in different departments and jurisdictions. Thus, fire dept patches with only one of these symbols are still a scramble badge. Apart from representing the common tools used by firefighters, the scramble badge also denotes readiness.

4. Red Color on Badges

The color red is associated with firefighting. The red color is found on firefighting trucks and is common in all fire dept patches. The red color symbolizes fire and the danger firefighters face in their work. Firefighting trucks are painted red to alert people to get off the road.

These four explanations will help you learn more about fire dept patches. Call a custom patch creator if you need any custom embroidered patches for your crew.