You might see people wearing lapel pins at certain events. These are tiny pins that are put on clothing that show an affiliation with a cause or an organization. Not sure when should you wear one? We’re here to help you with this basic etiquette guide.

Wear Them at Events or Fundraising

Are you having a wedding? You can have a lapel pin made to commemorate that major event in your life and have the people in your wedding party wear it. They’re also perfect for fundraisers since they’re an excellent symbol for a particular cause. That way, people can show that they support it in a discreet way, and the money that they pay for the pins can be donated to that particular cause. This will then be a two-fold way of showing their support.

Where to Wear Them

There’s a certain way to wear a lapel pin. Men can wear them on their suit jackets, on the left side. It can go through the buttonhole if it’s a long-stem lapel. If there’s a pocket for a handkerchief square, it can go above that. Some might like to wear it on the collar of their shirt. Generally, it’ll be on the suit jacket, though. Many people also like to wear lapel pins on jean jackets or leather jackets, typically on one or both sides of the breast. Depending on your style, you may also choose to mix and match lapel pins with patches.

There are also exceptions when it comes to wearing lapel pins. You shouldn’t wear them at funerals or job interviews. An exception to that might be if the deceased was a member of a certain organization that wore a pin, such as the local fire department, and people might don them to show support. The main rule of thumb is to ask if the general public would think that it would be appropriate to wear it at the time. It’s a matter of trusting your gut.

If you’re looking for custom lapel pins or patches to suit your needs, look no further than The Emblem Authority. We can create the perfect lapel pins for your organization whether you’re police officers, firefighters, or EMSes. Contact us today to get started!

Challenge coins are rooted in history and serve as a treasured tradition among many groups. Their origin is in the military, but they have transcended the troops and moved into other lines of work and settings. Here, we’ll dive into the history and use of challenge coins.

A Brief History

The tradition of the challenge coin started in World War I, according to the U.S. Department of Defense. Military squadrons began creating their own coins of identity and belonging. They were informative to others in declaring a soldier’s affiliations but also were a source of camaraderie within a group. They differed from squadron to squadron and typically bore symbols.

Design and Significance

One challenge coin will differ greatly from another in terms of shape, size, and symbology. Typically made of metal, the coins reflect their issuing group. A squadron or other group may choose to include colors, pictures, and other symbols that have significance to the history and membership of the group. Then, in turn, the coins themselves become an identifier and quasi-logo of the group to which they belong.

The Challenge

Because it’s a tradition to honor and keep the challenge coin close, one member may challenge another to produce their coin without notice. If the challenged member is unable to produce their coin, there is typically a consequence or penalty, such as buying drinks for the group. The point is to always be prepared and show commitment to the fellowship by always holding onto the challenge coin.

Beyond the Military

Challenge coins originated in the military and are still most commonly used in that environment. However, their use has extended to other settings as well. Police officers, EMS professionals, and firefighters, with their strong military ties, have also adopted the practice of creating and issuing challenge coins. Other businesses and organizations without ties to the military have also caught on. It’s likely that there are groups within your sphere who keep the coins and extend challenges among fellow members.

Challenge coins provide a fun and significant way to pledge commitment to a group and enjoy the camaraderie of belonging. While they started in small squadrons during World War I, they have endured to this day and extend to non-military groups. Teams looking for a way to increase pride and belonging might want to consider creating their own challenge coin, and we can help! Contact The Emblem Authority today for more information about our custom challenge coins or to learn more about our other services.

The business landscape continues to grow more competitive every day. In a sea of competition, you need to stand out in the crowd. You need a way for customers to recognize your products instantly. Custom emblems are a great way to help your company grow to new heights.

Brand Recognition

Custom emblem templates can help you create a unique logo that everyone will recognize. Without reading the label, people who see your signature will instantly know what they’re buying or seeing. A great example of this comes from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to NASA, each space mission gets a unique patch, so everyone knows the patch is from that particular mission. They’ve been doing this since 1965 and is a great way to exemplify how a patch can stand for something extraordinary.

Brand Identity

Custom emblem templates do so much more than help people recognize your brand. They tell potential customers what your brand is all about. The colors on your emblem can convey critical characteristics about your business. Black and white logos portray modern sophistication and elegance, whereas neon colors represent a fun, carefree business where the rules don’t apply. Purple signifies creativity, while red is a classic color for passion. The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Customers will recognize your brand when they see your emblem or logo on a package. Once new customers see your logo, they’ll develop an instant first impression. Likewise, if they see a package without one, they’ll assume your business is not as professional as companies that take the time to work with custom emblem templates. You want to ensure customers know you’re professional, trustworthy, and mean what you say. Taking the time to design a logo conveys that precise message.


Brands must remain consistent across every version of marketing they use. You should have the same symbol on social media platforms, packaging, products, business cards, and any other merchandise or swag you have. This helps customers recognize your brand. After a person sees an image so many times, they’ll instantly remember it. However, it’s impossible to achieve that if you haven’t worked with a professional to design a custom emblem.

Custom emblems have the power to communicate with an audience you’ve never met before. They can instantly help you create a unique identity that enables you to stand out, increasing your customers and profits. Contact The Emblem Authority today to learn more about the design process.

Have you decided that you want to create a custom patch? Perhaps you need one for a police officer, firefighter, EMS, or even a charity or fundraising group. If you find yourself in need of something unique to represent a cause, there are some things to consider while designing your custom patches.


Before you create the patch, you should consider doing thorough research. For example, according to Review 42, the color that you pick will influence 90% of a first impression. That means that you want to pick colors that are pleasing to the eye while also symbolizing what the people wearing them stand for. Play around with a color wheel and see what sticks out. That will help the customized patch designer do the best job possible with your chosen colors.


After picking the colors comes the fun part; the actual design. Work with the designer by explaining your vision so we can use our expertise to bring it to life in an efficient way. Show it to others and see what their first impression is. Once you get a general consensus that’s in line with your expectations, give your customized patch designer the green light.


This part of the design depends on how many threads will be used on the patch. If it’s a lot, it might make it feel crowded. Talk with the designer and see what could be reduced to make it still stand out. Consider who will be wearing them and what type of fabric they will be put on. That can save you some time and effort, including possibly having to do some returns later on, which will cost you money.

Designing these patches can be a lot of fun but be sure to talk it over with experts who can help guide you through the whole process, especially if this is your first time doing it. After doing all of this, you should love the finished product that you hold in your hands. Then you can proudly wear it around and the work will be worth it.

Are you looking for a customized patch designer in your area? We can help you there! At The Emblem Authority, we do patches, challenge coins, and badges. It’s especially our honor to make these for those in the police, firefighting, or EMS fields. Regardless of the organization, contact us today to get started!

Patch and emblem collecting is a fun hobby that can incorporate a lot of your other interests as well. People use patches and emblems to commemorate special occasions, experiences, and accomplishments. They can also be used to show off places you’ve traveled or events you were a part of. Patch and emblem collecting is relatively inexpensive and requires few skills or abilities to get started. Let’s look at some of the basics of starting this hobby.

Why Are Patches Special?

Patches and emblems have been used for years by organizations and businesses to commemorate things. According to NASA, every space mission has been given a unique patch that has been worn by NASA astronauts since 1965. Patches of this nature commemorate important historical events. Other types of patches help people to remember trips, accomplishments, and special events. You can think of each individual’s patch or emblem as a little memory. This is one of the reasons why people enjoy collecting patches.

Where Can You Find Patches and Emblems?

At The Emblem Authority! With more than 70 years of combined experience, The Emblem Authority has refined our design and manufacturing technologies over decades. Working closely with customers, we continue to create custom embroidered patches, lapel pins, and police badge decals that accurately reflect the individual character of each agency.

You can also find patches in person. Secondhand stores, flea markets, or swaps, are great places to find patches and emblems for your collection. These are also great places to meet new people who share your enthusiasm for this hobby. Vintage clothing stores also sometimes have an emblem patch or clothing and hats that have patches on them that can be removed.

Can I Have Patches Made?

Absolutely. Having custom patches and emblems made is a great way to put new and interesting pieces into your collection. You might also consider having a unique patch made and selling it yourself to others who enjoy this hobby. Custom-made patches are made of high-quality materials and are embroidered to your specific designs and colors. Creating a custom emblem patch is a great way to combine your hobby with your creative side.

Are There Patch Collecting Clubs?

There certainly are. Just as with any hobby, part of the fun is meeting people who share your passion. Research online to find communities and clubs that participate in patch and emblem collecting.

If you are looking for custom emblem patch creation, please contact us today. We are thrilled to help you with your patch creations.

Within the realm of law enforcement, the symbolic power of patches and badges holds profound significance. The fusion of visual representation with tactile connection goes beyond mere words, leaving a lasting impact. Delving into this dynamic, let’s explore the multi-faceted advantages of symbolism within the police force.

Embracing Symbolism: A Natural Inclination

As children, we possess an innate penchant for visual and tactile learning, gravitating toward tangible objects as we navigate the world. The parallels between this inclination and the law enforcement world become evident when considering the badges and patches officers earn. Just as young collectors delight in assembling an array of stickers, toys, and keepsakes, young officers relish adding meaningful insignia to their uniforms. While initial comprehension may be limited, the badges progressively amass personal significance as time on the force passes.

Affirmation and Accomplishment: Nurturing Young Pride

As time unfolds, the concept of effort-yielding reward solidifies within young minds. In law enforcement organizations, badges and patches become tokens of accomplishment, signifying dedication and achievements. This symbolism fosters not only personal pride but also an eagerness to embrace fresh challenges and acquire new skills. The early cultivation of this balanced sense of pride lays the foundation for these individuals to grow into confident, well-rounded protectors of society.

Identity Forged Through Symbolic Achievements

As we grow older, the quest for belonging intensifies. This journey finds resonance in clubs, sports, and academic pursuits. In the context of law enforcement, patches transition from representing achievements to embodying excellence. These visual markers serve as extensions of identity, allowing individuals to proudly express affiliations. The emergence of a distinct self-identity, akin to the allure of letter jackets, trophies, and medals, comes to fruition through these symbolic accolades.

To delve deeper into the profound impact of special patches and badges within the police force, our expertise is at your service. Reach out today to discover more about our offerings and insights. We eagerly await your connection.

NYPD Auxiliary Police officers in Central Park, NYC

A customized patch is a great way to accessorize any wardrobe. You can express your personality or show an affiliation to an organization. Emblem patches usually have a design or logo and are attached by sewing or iron-on adhesive. Here are a few ways they can take your department’s apparel from plain to extraordinary!

Add Flair

Even the most beautiful jacket or shirt may need a little extra kick to take it up a notch. A great example is a denim jacket. Denim jackets are timeless clothing items that you can make really special with the right patches. Choose patches that represent your favorite sports, music, animals, or anything you like. Mix and match different emblems on the same jacket to create an interesting design.

Show Support or Affiliation

According to The San Jose Police Department, their badge symbolizes the seven core values of the Department: Integrity, Service, Courage, Innovation, Respect, Excellence, and Diversity. You can create an emblem that represents similar values that belong to an organization. For example, you can wear the emblem of a cause that you support, such as PETA, Earth Day, or local events. Place them on your bag, hat, jacket, or anywhere you wish to showcase pride in your organization.

Add Color

It’s okay to create a customized patch to show off specific colors. For example, maybe your favorite color is purple or red, and you want to add those colors to a white or dark piece of apparel. Or maybe you want a rainbow coalition of emblems to decorate your jacket or bag with. With the right array of colorful patches, you can create a dynamic look on any piece of clothing. Do you have a vintage black leather jacket that you don’t know what to do with? See what some emblems can do to make it look even cooler.

Sure, you can buy some ready-made emblems, but when you invest in creating a customized patch, not only will you have a unique design for your department but you’ll also have a lot of fun! Contact us today for more information. We are a custom patch creator for police, sheriff, fire departments, emergency services, and thousands of local, state, and federal agencies.


You might have heard about a member of the military getting a challenge coin and are wondering more about what it stands for. This tradition of giving challenge coins dates back to World War I, according to the U.S. Department of Defense. Here are some interesting things you might not have known about these.

They Can Commemorate Certain Military Units

Did a relative serve in a certain unit in the military? This challenge coin might have been created to help commemorate the time they spent together. It’s something that can evoke memories for the recipient each time they look at it. They might remember a funny thing that happened at inspection or when they were out in the field doing patrols. It might also be a reminder of a former unit member who has passed on.

They Can Commemorate Certain Events

People can get a custom challenge coin for something that happened historically while they are in the military. It might have been a particularly noteworthy one and the members of that certain unit or even the leadership wanted to show that they remembered what happened.

They Can Be Used to Prove Loyalty

This is one use for it that can be a bit more pressure-packed. The people who had these coins would have to show them to others to demonstrate that they believed in the cause of their unit. In the past, these were also known as portrait medals and they dated back as far as the Renaissance.

Ultimately, the purpose behind a custom challenge coin was to both boost the morale of the people who got them and also bring the whole unit together as a cohesive group. This was something that would make them a true “Band of Brothers.” Medals could be awarded and they would mean something, but these unique coins transcended that and became a valued keepsake.

Probably the best thing about these challenge coins is that there’s often a really interesting tale behind their creation. If you ask a veteran or current member about the history behind a custom challenge coin, you will likely hear a fascinating story. Another great reason for them to be made!

Are you interested in learning more about a custom challenge coin? The Emblem Authority can take your sketches, ideas, and designs to create a beautiful, unique custom challenge coin.


Lapel pins are a great way to show affiliation with an organization or a cause. These small symbols of loyalty, look great and send a message as well. If you aren’t sure why lapel pins are starting to grow in popularity, we are here to help. This quick guide will give you everything you need to know.

What Are Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins, also sometimes called enamel pins, are small metal pins that have some type of decorative symbol or enamel on them. The pin itself is usually made of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and even sometimes iron. They are often polished smooth with the recessed areas of design filled in with color or decoration.

These pins are often worn on clothing, but sometimes you might see them worn on bags, hats, or really any piece of fabric where someone wants to show off the pin. Lapel pins can come in any design. Organizations and businesses often have lapel pins created so that members or employees can show their loyalty or affiliation.

What Are Lapel Pins Used For?

There is no wrong way to use a lapel pin, and you can even have individual pins made to symbolize things that are important to you. You can think of these pins as an expression of personality, or more often, of association.

Lapel pins are a great way to share your brand with others. When you have created loyal customers or members, lapel pins can be given as little tokens of appreciation. In this sense, the pin can serve two purposes. The pin shows your appreciation for the member, and in turn, they can show their association with your brand or organization.

In its most simple form, lapel pins can be used as a marketing tool. This makes a great marketing tool because it is subtle yet effective.

What Makes Them Popular?

Lapel pins are growing in popularity because they are an affordable way of marketing your brand or organization. They are inexpensive to make and most people are delighted to receive the little gift. Because it is a subtle, small object, people are not turned off from actually using the pin and showing it off.

If you are interested in having lapel pins made for your industry or workforce, please contact us today.

two police officers gaze at a phone screen

Emblem patches are a great way to show affiliation and support for a group or brand. Emblem patches are also a great way to differentiate between different departments in the same organization. Let’s look more deeply at the emblem badge and why these small symbols can make a big impact.

What Are Emblem Badges?

Emblem badges actually date back to medieval times. An emblem badge was often worn by knights. The badges could be attached to pieces of cloth worn on their person or on their horse. These badges showed everyone to whom they owed their allegiance and loyalty.

Today, emblem badges are worn by groups such as The Boy Scouts, police, first responders, motorcycle clubs, and many other types of organizations. Organizations such as these are not the only types of groups that can benefit from a customized emblem badge, though. These small tokens of loyalty and affiliation can also be useful for businesses that want to promote their brand.

Shows Professionalism

When emblem badges are added to work uniforms, it can really help your business look more professional. It is a known fact that when someone is wearing an identifiable work uniform, customers are more likely to trust them. A company emblem badge for employees can be made with a company logo, tagline, or other identifying information. Many companies also like to add an employee’s name to their own personal emblem patch as well.

Great Advertising

Emblem badges are also a great, inexpensive way to advertise your company. Badges can be given out as promotional gifts. Customers can add badges to bags, clothing, or hats to show their enthusiasm for your brand. They can be placed on shirts, jackets, backpacks, and more.

Choose High Quality Badges

If you do decide to use emblem badges to promote your group or business, be sure to choose high-quality products. The last thing you want is for people to associate you with poor-quality items.

If you are in search of high-quality promotional items we can help. Contact us today to learn more about emblem badges and other types of promotional materials. We will be happy to help you find the right products today.