How Can You Show Support for Your Local Fire Department

Did you know that as of 2018, there were 29,705 fire departments located in the United States? According to the National Fire Protection Association, 18% were career or mostly career departments that labored tirelessly to protect 68% of the entire United States population.

With this considered, the community must show its gratitude to these men and women who are heroes to the community and wear meaningful fire department patches. Three ways to support your local fire department include assisting with firehouse maintenance, advocating for fire safety, and preparing meals for on-duty firefighters.

Assist With Firehouse Maintenance

The firehouse is where firefighters spend their time in between calls. This space is where the firefighters should feel comfortable and welcomed. To support your local fire department, you can do your part to ensure that this particular living space is clean, updated, and spacious.

Examples of firehouse maintenance include assisting with painting, updating flooring, and other carpentry work. The key to showing support is guaranteeing that the space is looked after and well-kept while firefighters are between jobs. Meaningfully get to know and study the firefighters’ patches to understand their living space needs.

Advocate For Fire Safety

Supporting the local fire department can also look like advocating for fire safety in your community. This support will make the occurrence of potential emergencies more organized and safe when the local fire department arrives at the scene.

This advocation may include encouraging an increase in fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, creating escape plans with those surrounding you, and ensuring that your peers understand the other necessary protocols for fires in the future.

Prepare Meals For Firefighters

Like volunteering for firehouse maintenance, preparing meals for firefighters will likely make them feel comfortable and at home while on duty. The personable act of preparing and delivering meals to these firefighters is something that they will appreciate beyond words.

Traditionally, preparing meals is done during the holiday seasons or on days of recognition. Delivering the meals personally to firefighters wearing meaningful patches can ensure they understand your thankfulness for their service.

The meaningful time and effort firefighters put into serving their community should be acknowledged with respect and gratitude. Take the time today and take personal steps to support your local fire department!