Law Enforcement Accessories for Different Occasions


Custom police badges offer a unique way to represent law enforcement officers. Custom police badges are one of the ways you can make your group stand out from the rest. According to the Department of Labor, the United States has 800,000 law enforcement officers. Here are other law enforcement accessories that can be used on different occasions.

1. Recognition

Law enforcement officers are put in precarious situations daily. However, there are times when law enforcement officers go above and beyond the call of duty. In those instances, courage must be recognized. Challenge coins are a great way to reward an officer for going above and beyond.

Challenge coins are a memento that can be displayed with pride by the recipient. They are a great way to recognize those who raise the bar for other officers. They can be used for a wide range of celebrations and events. These coins can be motivational as well.

2. Everyday Use

Along with the custom police badges, law enforcement officers need accessories that make life easier. For example, lanyards are simple tools that are necessary. Lanyards can hold identification and more to ensure the officer is organized.

Printed lanyards with affiliation information are functional and decorative and can easily become part of the uniform. Lanyards, lapel pins, and other accessories can be used daily to help officers stay organized and look their best. These accessories are good investments for any police force.

3. Other Occasions

Cohesiveness among the police force is essential. Accessories for special occasions or daily use can help the group to be easily recognized. Hats, ID holders, and more can make the officers easily recognizable and unified. Hats for daily use, like baseball hats, look great. They serve a critical function.

Hats for formal occasions help protect the officers from the heat and cold. Hats like baseball caps for daily wear help protect the officers from the glare of the sun, which can impede their vision. The right accessories matter for every occasion.

A trusted supplier can provide your team with all the necessary accessories to do their job. Every occasion deserves the right police accessories. Shop with The Emblem Authority today to find the custom police badges and more that will instill pride in your group.