What Makes a Great Police Patch?

custom police velcro patches

According to IPA, the United States has roughly 17,985 police agencies. These agencies include county sheriff’s offices, city police departments, federal law enforcement, and state police/highway patrol. All of these agencies use distinctive patches as part of their uniforms. The following are key ways to ensure you have an excellent police patch.

Professional Appearance

First, you should check to see if the design you have in mind is a complimentary fit for your uniform. You can take a look at our custom police patches for design inspiration if you don’t already have a logo or design you want to use. We encourage you to work with our professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience with patch design work. Our experts will ensure the patch you decide on looks clean and is to your liking. And remember, patches can be present not only on uniforms but also on shirts, hats and more. 

The Durability of the Patch

If you plan to wear your patch often, investing in a QUALITY  embroidery patch is of the utmost importance. Our durable embroidered patches and our high quality PVC patches can be sewn onto most any uniform or outerwear. If velcro is an option on your uniform, an embroidered or PVC patch with velcro on the back are both great, extremely versatile and durable options. Rest assured, all of our patches are crafted with top-quality materials and made by professionals who are equipped with years of experience. So, no matter what type of patch you choose, we promise to deliver a well-designed, lasting product.

Use of Colorfast Threads

There are a variety of threads available. Our custom police patches are of the highest quality, including the superior thread used to create your design. We use colorfast threads in our production, which means the final product is not prone to fraying or fading.

Fine Twills

Fine twills are used to produce a premium quality fabric that is lightweight and durable. Fine twills have a slightly rippled look to them as they come from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. You can use them for various purposes, including military uniforms and police patches.

Police patches provide identification for officers and so much more. They also symbolize honor, belonging, and pride in one’s country, state, county or city. Police patches encompass various different meanings with an array of design features. An excellent police patch has symbolic meaning in its design. If you want to provide your department with the best custom patches, contact us today for a free quote!