3 Symbols to Consider Putting on Your Custom Lapel Pin

lapel pin on a brown felt hat

So you’ve made the decision to add a custom lapel pin on your department’s uniform! What’s next? Now that you know that you want to showcase your lapel pin, what designs or symbols are the best fit? The Emblem Authority is proud to offer custom-made pins, also referred to as custom lapel pins. Plus, our team will be there every step of the way to answer any questions and ensure quality– from the design phase to the final production. In this post, we are sharing three different symbols to consider adding to your department’s uniform.

  • Star

The meaning of the star symbol holds significance for members of the police force. There are several star symbols that can be incorporated into your design, including a five-point star, a six-point star, and even a seven-point star. The number of points you choose to showcase on your uniform is simply up to your design preference. Sometimes, the number of points on a star can hold a deeper meaning, but it tends to vary from department to department and can even be dependent on your department’s location. No matter the case, a star on a lapel pin signifies an officer’s affiliation with a specific department. 

  • Circle Star

A circle encompassed by a star is a very popular lapel pin design used by departments who want an eye-catching design. Depending on which department you belong to, a circle-star lapel pin may be the top choice for your department. As with all products produced by The Emblem Authority team, your lapel pin will be of top-quality and thereby enhance your uniform’s appearance. If you want assistance choosing a design, contact our team and we will offer several lapel pin options to fit seamlessly with your department’s uniform.

  • Custom Symbols Based on Sketches

While there are many different options when it comes to lapel pin designs, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to selecting a design for your department. Whether you see a pin on our website that you want to tweak slightly to fit your department’s style, or you have a sketch you want our design team to turn into a lapel pin, we will work with you to create the perfect pin. We are happy to take your sketches, ideas, and/or designs and create the perfect lapel pin. 

At The Emblem Authority, we take pride in designing top-quality custom police pins that fit perfectly with your department. We welcome new inquiries and hope you will contact us today to start the process of your lapel pin design.