Police Patches: Why Invest in Bulk Now


It’s best to keep police patches in stock in bulk fashion. Keep in mind that the police force is growing with over 800,000 sworn-in officers working in the U.S. now, which is the highest number to date. When you keep police pins and law enforcement patches in stock, you do your part to ensure you have the ability to provide complete uniforms at any time, as the police force continues to grow across the nation.

Consider this: when it the last time you wondered, ‘What are the police patches we have in stock?’ If you haven’t been keeping a close tab on the types of patches you have in the stockroom or you have no clue if you have enough police face mask coverings for everyone you employ, you should consider buying police patches and other items in bulk. Here’s why.

You Remain Prepared

Even as you keep your police staff outfitted with proper protective gear and masks, you should have the right identifiers on your police uniforms as well. Remember that there’s not just your police station to keep in mind when it comes to using patches. There are thousands of police officers needing the same supplies you do for your team.

Before you run out of patches and pins, have them ordered in bulk supply. This way, should there be a backup in patches, you have the ones you need to supply your ever-growing police force.

You Save Money

Investing in more pins and patches for your police station comes back to you in many ways, and one of them is saving money. Buying in bulk is cheaper for the supplier or manufacturer, so therefore it’s cheaper for you. If you want to save money and keep your police force budget from being over-spent, buy police patches in bulk. You save money on the actual patches and save money on the shipping costs since you are making fewer purchases at one time.

You Protect Your Officers

Take a look at your inventory saved for police uniforms and ask yourself this: ‘What do we lack regarding police patches we have in stock?’ Your officers are only as protected as the uniforms they have, and they need to have the right pins, patches, and other stocked police necessities to ensure a healthy operating police force.

Buy the pins, police patches, and other identifying patches for your police officers in bulk so you have beautiful and professional police uniforms for your entire staff. You’ll get price quotes for the accessories you choose, so you can shop accordingly from your trusted supplier. If you’re wondering among your staff, ‘What patches we have in stock compared to what we need?’, it’s time to start buying in bulk.