Top Tips for Maintaining Your Lapel Pin

lapel pin

The lapel pin is a great way to show your support for a particular cause or organization. They are also an easy and affordable way to make a fashion statement that you feel passionate about. Lapel pins come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs so that they can be as unique as the person wearing them. Whether you want something trendy or traditional, there’s probably something on this list for you. Here are some tips to keep your lapel pin looking good for years to come.

1. A Polish Cloth Is Your Friend

Make sure to clean and shine the lapel pin periodically. This will help preserve its appearance and prevent any dulling or tarnishing that can occur over time due to micro-abrasions, sweat, dirt, and oil on fingers. A dry, soft cloth should work well.

2. Protect It From the Elements

Take care to protect your lapel pin in high-intensity weather conditions like rain, snow, and salt spray, which can cause rusting and other damage that is difficult to reverse. Also, be wary of using “over-the-counter jewelry cleaner” or other harsh chemicals which can take off the plating and leave you with an ugly-looking piece of metal that is difficult to restore.

3. Don’t Drop It

Dropping (or mishandling) your lapel pin can cause damage such as scratches, dents, and even the loss of a jeweled piece. Take care when handling the lapel pin to keep it in pristine condition.

4. Keep It Away From Pets

Pets (especially cats) love to bat around small objects like lapel pins, increasing the risk of damage and loss. Make sure to store the pin out of reach from your pet’s wandering paws.

5. Use a Jewelry Box

Don’t keep your lapel pin in the open air, lying around on a table or dresser. Even if it’s out of sight, it can still be out of mind. Invest in a quality jewelry box and ensure you store each lapel pin separately with soft tissue paper to prevent damage from scratches and corrosion.

6. Take Care of It While It’s in Storage

If you don’t plan to wear it for a while, make sure to store your lapel pin in a dry and cool place away from moisture. If you ever need to clean the pin, do so with a fresh cloth and polish before putting it away again. This should help keep them looking shiny and new for years to come.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your lapel pin stays in neat condition for as long as you wear it. With this guide, you’ll be able to proudly show off your lapel pin or just keep it tucked away safely in its box without worrying about damage.