Why Custom Police Badges Matter

custom police badges

For centuries, badges and patches have been used to represent someone in authority. Custom police badges are designed with specific symbols and information. Everything on a custom badge or patch has a specific meaning. Law enforcement patches always have some meaning. Do you know how to tell what it all says?

Custom Police Badges and Other Law Enforcement Patches

It’s not just police departments that use custom badges and patches. Fire department patches, EMS patches, military patches — you can find custom badges in a variety of industries. However, many of them have something in common: they’re the people who respond to dangers. When others are running away, these are often the people who are running forward. Custom police badges and other types of law enforcement and personnel patches are strong symbols of service, of putting service ahead of oneself. The people who exemplify this are police officers, firefighters, and all those others who come to save the day for everyone else.

Custom police badges are other types of badges and patches are loaded with symbols that are full of meaning. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department badges used to contain an image of the city’s main police building. Some badges contain symbols of the state where the department is located or Latin phrases that have specific meanings. Often, badges contain a badge number to signify the person carrying the badge. Custom police badges also have numbers on them that correspond to the officer’s number that is used to identify them among other members of the force.

Lapel Pins and Other Symbols

Custom police badges are just the start. Often, people who are service professionals have full dress uniforms that contain any number of metals, ribbons, patches, and pins. Lapel pins, for example, are used to show affiliation to different causes and organizations or show specific honors a person has been given. Patches, pins, and badges can convey all sorts of things, fro a person’s experiences and education to awards and honors.

A company that makes patches is one that will always be needed, because wearing patches goes back for centuries. It’s a way to show solidarity and it’s a way to show information. Law enforcement patches, in particular, are important, because they are often used to display rank and other information.

Custom police badges have more meaning than most people know — and most of us hope to never get close enough to one to find out more! Often, these badges are used to honor someone who serves, and that makes them pretty special indeed. All officers wear a badge, but every single badge represents a person who has had their own accomplishments and achievements, a person who has decided to risk their lives in the pursuit of helping others. Sometimes, custom police badges are all you see — and not because they’re shiny and well-designed. It’s easy to forget that there’s an individual person attached to every single one of those badges, and every single one of those badges was designed with specific elements to honor every single one of those individuals.