3 Different Types of Defining Patches for Fire Departments

Patches for fire departments are like a badge of honor. These patches represent their home duty station. There are several different types of patches for fire departments, each with their own strengths. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different types of patches for fire departments.

Sew-on Custom Embroidered Patches

Traditional custom embroidered patches for fire departments are a great option. They can be designed to represent a fire department perfectly. Some things that can be included on a custom embroidered patch are logos, images, firehouse numbers, and more.

Traditional sew-on embroidered patches are among the most popular. These patches are worn with a great deal of pride since they represent the department logo beautifully and are incredibly durable.

Velcro Custom Embroidered Patches

Velcro patches have a Velcro backing that makes them easy to attach to clothing. Velcro patches are popular because they can easily be applied and removed. About 67% of firefighters work in communities that have a population of 25,000 or larger, according to the National Firefighters Association. Career firefighters may find that they move from one community to another three times throughout their career.

Velcro patches are a great option for versatility and flexibility. These can also provide cost savings for those members that do move from one community to another.

Printed Patches

Printed patches are another option. Printed patches are the newest types of patches. They can be a great option if there is a lot of information you want to fit on the patch that would be difficult to embroider. Printed patches, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, can be vibrant and unique.

There are many different styles of patches for fire departments, including photo-over, woven patches, and PVC patches. Each type of patch comes with unique benefits. Choosing the best style patch to represent your fire department starts with connecting with a vendor that has a wide range of options.

A trusted vendor will be able to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. You will find patches that are affordable, look great, and come with plenty of customization options. Connect with The Emblem Authority today to learn more about patches for fire departments and all the options that are available.