3 Elements to Consider in the Design of Your Police Badges


Police badges are a virtual component of a uniform as it lets civilians identify police officers and other state and federal officers. Did you know that police officers have been wearing badges since the middle ages? According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, the concept of police badges started during the middle ages when knights used to wear coats of arms to signify their loyalty and allegiance.

Today, police badges are not only used to identify police but also to distinguish a police officer’s ranking. If, like most police officers, you want your badge to signify your ranking, its design is of utmost importance. In this post, we are sharing three important elements to consider in the design process of your badge. 


1. The Material


The first step in the custom patch designing process is selecting the appropriate material. If you need help choosing, our on-site team is available to guide you in the decision making process. We consider your department, your rank, and your preferences when it comes to selecting the material of the badge. The most popular material choice is metal because of its durability. Not only will metal badges last longer, but most police prefer them because such badges feel more balanced on their uniform compared to badges made of plastic.


2. The Color


After you select the material, you’ll want to pick out your preferred color. While most badges are either silver or gold, there are countless shades you can choose from. To help guide your decision, our website provides an extensive Pantone color chart for you to view and select from. This color chart is specifically available for metal badges. Of course, you aren’t limited to gold or silver. As you browse the color chart, you’ll notice shades of every color, including red, purple, and blue.


3. The Style


When it comes to badge edges, there are two types to consider; rounded or flat edges. Most police badges encompass rounded edges simply because it makes it easier to remove from their holders. Flat edges are considered suitable for aesthetics but can be difficult to remove.


When designing police badges, the three more important factors to consider are the material, color and style. If you want to start designing a custom patch, please reach out to our team today. We are happy to guide you through the custom patch design process and aid your decision making so it is a seamless and pleasant experience.