3 Types of Patches to Consider for Your Police Force

A male police officer

One of the most predominant features of police officers is their uniforms and the patches that are showcased on them. Uniform patches for police officers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although they are a branding element, patches are utilized for a variety of purposes; the main being to convey information. Though patches typically have a very small space for writing, patches can encompass detail and symbolism. To that end, this post shares three types of patches to consider when designing your police force patches. 


1. Traditional Embroidered Sew-on Patch


Embroidered sew-on patches have been around for a very long time, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The traditional embroidered sew-on patch enables you to add an intricate design to your patch. One of the main advantages of choosing this type of patch is that it’s durable, so it will remain in-tact for years to come. If you are interested in this type of patch, first consider the design that you want on them. If you don’t have a design in mind, our skilled design team will help you create a custom design that’s perfect for your department.


  1. Embroidered Iron-on Patches

Apart from sew-on patches, you can also opt for custom embroidered iron-on patches. These types of patches come with heat-activated backing which makes the application process seamless. As such, all you need to do to apply them is to use an iron or a comparable dry heat source. Like sew-on patches, iron-on patches are both durable and customizable to your department. 


3. Hook and Loop Patches


Hook and loop patches are commonly known under the brand name Velcro. Such patches come with a hook and loop backing, meaning they are not permanently attached to the uniform. They are good for situations where you have different types of police badges that are interchangeable. For instance, you can remove them during a special event to attach patches that are specific to that special event. Like the sew-on and the iron-on, these patches come in a variety of styles and design options. Before you order, it’s important to take your time to learn more about the variety of choices available.


Are you looking for patches for your police force? We recognize that choosing a patch is an important decision because they are a large part of your department’s branding. At The Emblem Authority, we are a trusted provider of various types of police patches and emblems. Fill out the form today to place your order or to request a quote.