4 Advantages of Using Velcro Backing On Your Custom Police Patches

velcro police patches

If you have decided to purchase custom embroidered patches for your department, the next step should involve choosing the right backing for your garments. Velcro backing remains a popular option for embroidery patches for law-enforcement and military departments. It contains tiny hooks and loops that allow you to attach the patch to a soft garment for a secure connection. Velcro police patches are easy to adjust, making them suitable for law enforcement uniforms.

Here are four key benefits of using Velcro backing for your custom police patches.

1. Versatility

Velcro backing can either be single hook-sided for males or two-sided for males and females. Additionally, Velcro police patches can attach to a wide range of back materials for a secure connection. You can use it on materials such as real leather, artificial leather, polyester, or nylon. No matter the fabric used on your uniform, the hooks and loops can grip quickly to any surface point.

2. Durability

The Velcro police patches can easily be removed and reattached to the garment. You can take them off to clean, getting rid of any debris that accumulates on the hooks. Routine cleaning helps keep the little hooks intact, providing an excellent grip for the patch. You can attach and remove it as many times as you wish, and it will remain good as new.

3. Convenience

Using Velcro police patches makes it easier to clean your uniform without the worry of destroying your department’s custom badge patch. You only need to rip it off from the garment and reattach it later on. Velcro backings are convenient to use, as they do not require any heating or stitching.

4. Cost-Effective

Custom Velcro badges are relatively cheaper than other types of patches. Your patch creator can provide access to impressive cost-effective designs that work within your budget limits. Ordering in bulk may open up discount options that can help you save more.

Velcro police patches can help create an identity in your department. If you wish to order custom patches for your team, feel free to reach out to the designers at The Emblem Authority.