How Do I Take Care of Velcro Patches?

velcro patches

Protecting your velcro patches helps maintain their gripping power and durability. However, exposed apparel closures can sometimes collect debris like fuzz. You don’t need to sit for hours hand-picking pieces attached to your custom velcro patches. Instead, there are many cleaning solutions available. Here are a few ways to ensure your velcro patches last longer.

Cleaning Your Velcro Patches

Velcro can collect a lot of debris when it isn’t properly maintained. It’s not recommended to wash your velcro patches in the washing machine as this can be especially rough on the velcro. The last thing you want for your uniform is for the velcro patches to lose their gripping ability. Consider handwashing the fabric with your velcro patches instead of putting them through the washing machine.

You can also remove lint and other debris from your velcro patches using a T-pin. Slide the T-pin carefully between the rows of velcro to collect the debris. You can also use tiny tweezers, a dry toothbrush, or a fine-toothed comb to wipe off debris. Make sure you use minimal force to avoid breaking the delicate edges.

Why Are Velcro Patches Prone to Collecting Debris?

Customized velcro patches can be a great way to set your department apart from others. However, velcro patches have little hooks that are designed specifically to help them stay onto the fabric of your team’s uniforms. This is great for ensuring the velcro patch stays intact, but it also means that the patch can sometimes pick up more than fabric.

When packed with lint, the tiny fasteners fail to get an excellent grip. Make sure you unclog the grime using the mentioned methods above for a tighter grip.

Properly Store Your Patch Collection

Improper storage could end up ruining your entire collection of custom velcro patches. Consider getting a patch panel that is crafted from the smooth side of the velcro so you can hook all your patches in one place when not in use. If you don’t have a patch panel, you can press two patches on each other firmly.

With proper maintenance, care, and storage, you can make sure that your custom velcro patches stay in great shape for as long as possible. If you’re looking for customized velcro patches for your department or organization, look no further than Emblem Authority. To learn more about our velcro patches, lapel pins, and masks, contact us today.