4 Things You Need To Know To Find the Best Lapel Pin Supplier


America is home to 17,985 police agencies including Highway Patrol, City Police Departments, and County Sheriff. Each of these agencies has its own custom police badges and police pins that help in telling them apart. Talking of pins, the demand for lapel pins seems to be on the rise in the last few years. Let’s take a closer look at what these pins are and how to choose a good lapel pin supplier.

Lapel Pins

They’re minute pins normally worn on the lapel of a dress, jacket, or coat. They somewhat look like jewelry, but jewelry depicting affiliation to a certain cause or organization. A lapel pin can come in a wide array of designs such as a country’s flag, a company’s logo, or even a message slogan. There are many ways in which this pin comes in handy including:

  • Corporate identity: A lapel pin on an employee’s coat brings out a professional look. In most cases, such pins have the company’s name or logo.
  • Recognition: People can easily tell that a person is affiliated with a particular organization by looking at the lapel pin. Thanks to these pins, the public can easily tell the company you work as well as the work you do.
  • Awards: Pins are used as awards that recognize employees’ success and achievement. They can also be used as awards during contests and events. Rewarding winners or even participants with lapel pins goes a long way in making the event more memorable.
  • Unique collectible or gift: Pinpointing the best gift to appreciate people can at times be hard. Even so, you can never go wrong with a lapel pin. Some people find lapel pins so attractive that they can’t help but collect them as a hobby.

If you plan to shop for lapel pins today or in the near future, there are certain things you need to consider. Here is a guideline to help you.

1. Quality

Quality is an aspect that you should never overlook when buying any product, and lapel pins are no exception. A lapel pin that meets the proper standards is built to last. Gifting someone a quality lapel pin means that the recipient will wear it for years to come. Remember that buying quality means getting the most out of every penny shelled out.

2. Design

Now that you’re shopping for a pin that meets certain requirements, the vendor should have a variety of designs. A wide selection increases the chances of getting what you want, or something close. In fact, many designs mean that you might get a lapel pin that surpasses what you wanted. On the flip side, a seller with few designs to choose from means that you will be highly limited. Such vendors are not the best as you might end up buying pins that don’t serve the purpose you want.

You’ll be glad to know that some vendors in this industry offer customized pins. This is a big plus in the event that you need lapel pins with a specific design. Although this might mean paying a little extra, the end product will be worth the price paid. In short, if a unique design is what you have in mind, a company that produces customized pins is the best.

3. Shipping Services

Shipping might not seem like a big deal, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are times when shipping takes ages before the product reaches the buyer. What is more, some shipping services aren’t careful when handling goods, hence the recipient gets something that is in bad shape. Before settling for any lapel pin seller, make sure that their preferred shipper is reliable.

4. Price

Having a shopping budget is among the best decisions you can ever make in today’s unforgiving economy. Always go lapel pins that won’t drain your wallet. In order to get a fair price, it’s always wise to get price quotes from several lapel pin sellers. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best as this could mean compromised quality.

Many people out there don’t know how to get the best deal when buying lapel pins but with the above tips, you won’t make the same mistake.