5 Resourceful Tips on Getting the Best Badge Patch Design

public safety badge patches

Patches are widely known to play an important role in giving departments, institutions, and companies an identity. Just like lapel pins indicate affiliation with a cause or organization, a patch’s textual and symbolic message also does the same. EMS patches and fire dept patches, for example, can help you know that the person works in the healthcare and firefighting field respectively. If designing a badge patch for your company is what you have in mind, you need to make it stand out. Here are tips to help you get the best result.

1. Simplicity is the Way to Go

Truth be told, most people incline towards simplicity and overlook anything that seems complicated. The same goes when it comes to patches and you are advised to stick to a simple design. Think about the most memorable ones such as law enforcement patches and you will realize how simple they are. With a simple design, most people will have an easy time identifying a patch affiliated to your company.

2. Bold Is the Best

With the visibility aspect in mind, it would be good to go for bold designs and bold text. Re-creating delicate, fine and small text is hard with traditional embroidery processes. This tells you that when making EMS patches, for example, text that is thick and big as possible is the best. Not only will this make the EMS patches eye-catching, but more legible as well.

3. Contrast Does Count

As compared to flatness, humans are wired to better respond to contrast. With the right contrast, rest assured that the badge will remain etched in the mind of whoever sees it. This explains why black and white patches have passed the test of time as they make message capturing and memorizing easy. This does not mean that you have to stick to black and white considering that your company needs a unique identity. Choosing a striking color theme with the right contrast will help you strike the correct balance.

4. Big Is Better

If you were to think about fire department patches, they are created in a manner that helps connect with people. If this is the kind of patch you need for your company, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate your message. Though the position of a patch determines its size, you can never go wrong with going for the maximum possible size. Bigger is better because you will have all the space needed to incorporate a design you have in mind.

5. Complementary Border Color

The border is an area that should not be overlooked when designing EMS patches or any other. Keep in mind that border color can add or reduce background depth that plays a major role in determining visibility. Border colors that complement the background are the best given that they draw attention by adding background depth.

How To Find the Right Company

As you can see, creativity is limitless when it comes to badges. To get a large number of badges of say, EMS patches, you will need the help of a company that makes patches. Before you place an order, how will you evaluate the best patch supplier in town?

Always go for a patch making company with a good reputation as this guarantees quality. In fact, quality is a key driver when it comes to getting value for money. Asking for samples will help you know if you are dealing with the right people. You don’t want a company that delivers weeks or even months after the promised date so check for customer reviews online to help you know about suppliers you’re considering.

Experience is another factor that you need to consider. A supplier who has been in this industry long enough will have mastered the trade over the years to know what makes clients happy.

Patches are a great way of making your business stand out. Even so, you need to know what it takes to get the best. With these tips, you are more than ready to make an order today.