6 Cool Ways to Use Custom Lapel Pins

lapel pins

When it comes to marketing ideas, there’s not much that hasn’t been tried. There are, however, some marketing techniques and promotional items that have stood the test of time and continue to be a useful way to spread the word about a business, organization, or cause. Custom lapel pins are one such item. A lapel pin is a small pin that can be worn on clothing, hats, or bags to show your affiliation with an organization or cause. Let’s look at some of the cool ways these pins can be used for promotional purposes.

1. Brand Promotion

One of the most common ways that these items are used is for brand promotion. They are a great addition to marketing packets, package inserts, or simply as a little extra thank you to customers. Customized lapel pins can be designed with the brand’s logo, mascot, colors, and slogans. Giving customers mementos such as these helps to build loyalty as they can attach the pin to their own personal items to tell the world they are a fan of your message or brand.

2. Fundraising

Another way to use lapel pins is for fundraising purposes. Non-profits and charitable organizations often sell these pins for fundraising. It’s not uncommon for pins that have been associated with important movements or programs to even become collector’s items later on.

3. Corporate Events

Conferences, trade shows, and networking events are great opportunities to hand out pins as well. This will keep your brand or your group on people’s minds as they participate in the event. A great example of this is the cool pins that were created and passed out at Comic-Con over the years.

4. Commemorative Events

Pins can also be used to commemorate special events. Things like anniversaries, product launches, retirements, and other events make the perfect opportunity to create a souvenir for those who were along for the ride.

5. Awards and Recognition

Handing out pins is also a good way to recognize the achievements of someone who is going above and beyond. Using pins in this way can help to build a company culture of gratitude and recognition.

6. Sports Teams

Team building can be done in a lot of ways, and one way is through customized clothing and pins. Pins can be created with team logos, mascots, or event names. It’s the perfect way to celebrate team spirit and help players and coaches bond.

These are just a few ways that customized lapel pins can be used. If you’re looking for custom promotional products, please contact us at The Emblem Authority today.