How Are Metal Promotional Products Made?


Promotional products come made from all types of materials, including metal. Metal promotional products are especially nice because they are made of a more durable material and therefore last longer. Metal promotional items can be highly customized to suit the needs of the customer. Let’s look at how custom badge designers make metal products.

Acid Etching

Once the initial product is produced, it’s time to create one-of-a-kind customizations. The easiest way to do customization on metal is with acid etching. Acid etching is a process by which a hard surface can be easily cut using a specially formulated acid. Acid etching is useful because it doesn’t change the properties of the metal. The gran structure and strength of the metal are also not affected. This process is often chosen for materials that would otherwise be damaged by other processes. Items that acid etching can be used on include metal tags, metal pins, keychains, and stainless steel items of all sorts.

Metal Selection

When planning for custom metal promotional items, the metal selection is important. Acid etching can be used on many types of metals, but some are easier to work with than others. Some options include stainless steel and aluminum.

Design Selection

The fun part about custom metal promotional products is the design of the products. As the customer, you get to design your items based on company logos, organizational slogans, or other details like badges, emblems, or flags. If you’re not sure about designing your items, you can work with our custom badge designers to get ideas. Our professionals will be happy to provide you with tips and ideas on how to create the best promotional items for your organization.


Once the metal has been chosen, it needs to be cleaned carefully. During the cleaning process, any burrs on the edges of the metal will be removed. The metal then needs to be scrubbed, rinsed, and cleaned using isopropyl alcohol to make sure that it’s completely ready to go.

These are just a few facts on how custom metal promotional products are made by our badge designers. If you’re looking for custom badge designers for your project, please contact us at The Emblem Authority today! We are happy to help you with your promotional products.