What Makes Custom Lanyards a Great Marketing Tool?

Lanyards are pieces of fabric that usually form a loop. The most popular lanyards are ones that are used as a keychain accessory. They are designed so they can be worn around the neck and are helpful, but it’s also essential to remember they are a great marketing tool. Most custom badge designers can help you design a custom lanyard.


Lanyards are one of the most versatile marketing products. They can be used as ID holders or luggage tags. Some people clip them onto their keys. Custom lanyards on a keychain make it easier for people to find their keys while promoting an organization. The versatility of lanyards makes them great because you know people will use them, increasing visibility.


A simple lanyard with your business logo can help increase visibility while building trust with potential customers. According to Non-Profit Pro, 64% say a professional logo design builds brand trust and increases engagement. The more people see your logo, the more they want to work with you.


Most people give away custom lanyards when they use them as a marketing tool. Ordering them in bulk from custom badge designers can increase affordability. You’ll also enjoy a better return on your marketing efforts. You won’t have to pay monthly for advertising services or worry about whether your ad is still running. Instead, you can trust that your custom lanyards are doing plenty of advertising for you.


Every organization and cause is unique, so you want a special lanyard. A custom badge designer can help you create the perfect lanyard to suit your organization. You can choose from various colors available. There is room on a lanyard for a quote or slogan, or you can go simple by putting your logo on it. Customize your lanyard to encourage conversation and promote your organization to potential hires or the greater community around you.

Custom badge designers will work with you to ensure you have the perfect lanyard to advertise without exceeding your budget. Our designers will ensure you love the color and design. We can also help you design ID tags and more for your next event, trade show, or for your employees. Contact us at The Emblem Authority when you’re ready to learn the details.