6 Things to Consider for Custom Police Badges

custom police badges

What’s the best way to identify a police officer? One of the simplest answers is through custom badges. Customized police badges can be purchased for any occasion and with any design that fits your needs. There are also plenty of features you can add on, like clip holder attachments and lanyards. All these choices make picking out your badge a little overwhelming. Here are some things to consider when choosing custom badges.

1. What Kind of Badge Would They Like?

Law enforcement badges come in different shapes and sizes, with some options even allowing for additional artwork or features. When choosing a badge style, what matters most is the design you think would best fit your officers. One good feature to consider is the thickness of the badge, as this can impact how it hangs/closes on a belt or lanyard.

2. What Material Do They Prefer?

One of the first decisions you have to make when ordering custom badges is whether you want them made of metal or plastic. While badges made of metal will be sturdier and more professional, they’re also heavier and bulkier than those made from plastic. Some law enforcement personnel might prefer the weight of a metal badge because it feels better balanced on their uniform, while others like the lighter feel of a plastic badge.

3. What Color Should It Be?

Most police badges are silver or gold, as these colors tend to stick out and make identification easier. However, law enforcement agencies can pick from various colors for their badges, depending on the design. Some other popular choices include black, blue, purple, green, or red. Just make sure that you check with your local law enforcement agency to ensure that the color you choose will be easy for them to spot.

4. Do They Want Lanyards?

You can add a lot of functionality to a badge by adding a lanyard. They make it possible to wear your badge around your neck, which is excellent for ID checks or in case you need to show your badge without reaching into your pockets. If you decide to add this accessory, make sure that you choose one made of sturdy nylon and that has a breakaway clip, so you don’t lose your lanyard.

5. Would They Prefer Rounded Corners?

Custom badges typically have two types of edges, flat and rounded. Rounded corners are the more common option, as they allow for easy removal from a holder while also preventing possible injury to other people or objects. Flat edges may look nicer on your badge but can be harder to store since it’s harder to take your badge out of its holder.

6. Do They Need an Additional Clip?

Custom police badges can either come with or without a metal clip on the back. This is useful for inserting into your uniform, lanyard, or badge wallet. However, some law enforcement personnel may not want to attach their badge to anything at all, so you should check with them before purchasing this feature.

It’s important to keep in mind that these badges are not just for decoration. They should be functional and stand up against the wear and tear of daily use, so don’t choose a design or features based on price alone. Put some thought into each decision so you purchase a badge that will last and is suited to your officer’s needs.