The Benefits of Embroidered Key Fobs for Your Agency

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Embroidered key fobs will stand out from the plain and generic key fobs. This will grab attention quickly, and anyone who notices your key fobs will be interested in exploring them further. This is an easy way to stand out as an agency. There are 17,985 police agencies in the United States. These include City Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Offices, State Police/Highway Patrol, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Embroidered key fobs will help you stand out in a unique way. Read on to find out more benefits of embroidered key fobs for your agency.

High Utility Value

An embroidered key fob will keep your department well exposed in front of the community members. Unlike the traditional key fobs that were designed to carry keys only, embroidered key fobs made using a patch creator can bring together several tools that you can find useful in your daily life. Apart from that, embroidered key fobs are also quite easy to customize. Each officer and staff member can have their name embroidered on their own key fob. You can also put your department logo on it to help you stand out.

Effective Tokens of Corporate Identity and Branding

Key fobs can be used to display your department’s personality and corporate culture in an emphatic yet subtle manner. Each police agency needs to establish a brand. Brands in police agencies have both external and internal impacts. A properly developed brand will help engage current employees. It will also be quite useful in recruiting people who understand your agency’s mission, vision, and values. That way, applicants who are not a perfect fit will be turned away. Failure to do so might harm a forward-thinking agency.

Gather Agency Brand Momentum

As a brand, you will have your own momentum. As soon as you start moving forward, it will be difficult to alter your direction. Therefore, it is important for you to control your messaging and control what outsiders think and feel about your agency. An agency that doesn’t put effort into shaping its own brand allows outsiders and events to shape the way people perceive it. So, think about what you want citizens to know about you and create key fobs that support your statements.

When your agency and frontline officers internalize the promises inferred by your brand, you will be able to easily foster positive relationships with the community you serve. If you are interested in branding your agency using a patch creator to create embroidered key fobs, get in touch with us today. We can supply you with a patch creator that you can use to come up with your own embroidered designs.