6 Ways to Show Your Pride with Patches

There are many good ways to show for your team and your family. Many policemen, firemen, and EMS workers wear badges every day to easily identify themselves. Here are six ways you can use a patch to honor a special person in your life:

By Your Heart

One of the more traditional places for law enforcement patches and fire department patches is on your chest, right over your heart. Whether you’re sewing your patch onto a uniform or just want to show your support using your favorite jacket, wearing your patch on your chest is a tried and true way to show your support.

On Your Sleeve

Another great place to show off custom police badges, for example, is on your sleeve. Whether you wear a badge patch high on your arm or need to put on multiple patches for any reason, the sleeve is a great way to show off your custom badge.

On Your Bag

Backpacks, tote bags, laptop cases; there are a variety of ways for you to carry law enforcement patches or EMS patches with you wherever you go. You’ll never lose your badge when it’s sewed on tight and you’ll never leave it behind.

Hung on a Banner

What do you do when you have too many patches to wear but you want to show off your collection? What about creating a felt banner that you can hang patches on to keep them from getting worn and frayed?

Saved as a Keepsake

Some patch lovers will take law enforcement patches and put them in a shadowbox or a frame to preserve them forever. Patches are definitely fun when worn, but displaying them in a frame is a great way to remember fond memories.

Make a Pin

Did you know that you can make a pin out of a patch? Many lapel pins are small and worn on your collar or chest to show that you stand with a particular cause or organization. However, making a lapel pin out of a patch can be a rewarding and fun way to keep track of your patch.

Whether you need custom law enforcement patches or are looking for a more standard, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for your free quote!