Why the Badge Patch Is Essential for Any Uniform

A badge patch may seem like extra decoration, an item of interest that’s not really very important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, badge patches serve an important purpose. These patches provide a lot of information. Sometimes, a badge patch can be used to display rank, location, police or fire department precinct numbers, and lots more. Some badge patches even display important awards and achievements. No uniform is really complete without this insignia. Now, are you beginning to understand why the badge patch is such an important part of any uniform?

What Goes on a Badge Patch?

On any uniform, a badge patch conveys vital information. This patch can be used to display rank within police departments and other law enforcement agencies. It can also be used to show a specific city or county location, along with a precinct within this region. A badge patch can also show other vital information, including an official police o security officer shield, a state boat of arms, or other graphics that are steeped in meaning.

A badge patch can be designed in any shape or size, and it can be made with Velcro backing for easy application or designed to be sewn directly onto fabric. Whether it is sewn on, pinned on, or stuck on with Velcro, the batch patch is a necessary part of the uniform and no uniform is complete without this insignia.

How Is a Badge Patch Made?

A lot of work goes into making a badge patch. All the elements must be put together to display the information in an attractive way. The color scheme, shape, and design must all be carefully chosen so that each element on the patch is clear and distinct. Once the design is determined, a custom badge patch is typically embroidered. That takes a lot of hours of work. Luckily, there are computer programs that can be used to program sewing machines However, it still takes a great amount of skill in order to program this software the right way and a lot of know-how to use the machinery that will embroider the design.

Who Can Make and Design a Great Badge Patch?

When lots of different information has to be conveyed in a way that’s attractive and eye-catching, things an get pretty complicated. It’s actually much more difficult to design a badge patch than you might think — until you attempt to design on of these patches yourself. Whether you need a badge patch design for law enforcement patches, fire department patches, EMS patches, or any other type of uniform, you need a professional who knows how to design a great-looking badge patch that has all the necessary information on display.

There are 17,985 police agencies in the U.S. alone. That includes city police departments, county sheriff’s departments, state and police highway patrol agencies, and federal law enforcement departments of all types. That’s just the police! Fire departments, EMS workers, security guards, and many other types of professionals might wear a badge patch on their regulation uniforms.

It’s not necessary for all these different departments and agencies to come up with their own badge patch design that’s going to display all the right information in a way that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Find a company that makes patches t have a custom badge patch designed. There are professional companies that will have a patch creator, a badge patch designer, who knows how to arrange elements in a pleasing way while still keeping information on display as needed. These people specialize in designing custom police badges and patches of all kinds.

Patches are an important element of any uniform and a good badge patch is an absolute essential for many of those individuals who protect the rest of us: the first responders, the security guards, and the other people who risk their own health in order to keep everyone else safe. These heroes deserve amazing looking custom patches. They deserve someone who knows how to make a great badge patch in a great-looking design.