A Guide to Starting an Emblem and Patch Collection

Patch and emblem collecting is a fun hobby that can incorporate a lot of your other interests as well. People use patches and emblems to commemorate special occasions, experiences, and accomplishments. They can also be used to show off places you’ve traveled or events you were a part of. Patch and emblem collecting is relatively inexpensive and requires few skills or abilities to get started. Let’s look at some of the basics of starting this hobby.

Why Are Patches Special?

Patches and emblems have been used for years by organizations and businesses to commemorate things. According to NASA, every space mission has been given a unique patch that has been worn by NASA astronauts since 1965. Patches of this nature commemorate important historical events. Other types of patches help people to remember trips, accomplishments, and special events. You can think of each individual’s patch or emblem as a little memory. This is one of the reasons why people enjoy collecting patches.

Where Can You Find Patches and Emblems?

At The Emblem Authority! With more than 70 years of combined experience, The Emblem Authority has refined our design and manufacturing technologies over decades. Working closely with customers, we continue to create custom embroidered patches, lapel pins, and police badge decals that accurately reflect the individual character of each agency.

You can also find patches in person. Secondhand stores, flea markets, or swaps, are great places to find patches and emblems for your collection. These are also great places to meet new people who share your enthusiasm for this hobby. Vintage clothing stores also sometimes have an emblem patch or clothing and hats that have patches on them that can be removed.

Can I Have Patches Made?

Absolutely. Having custom patches and emblems made is a great way to put new and interesting pieces into your collection. You might also consider having a unique patch made and selling it yourself to others who enjoy this hobby. Custom-made patches are made of high-quality materials and are embroidered to your specific designs and colors. Creating a custom emblem patch is a great way to combine your hobby with your creative side.

Are There Patch Collecting Clubs?

There certainly are. Just as with any hobby, part of the fun is meeting people who share your passion. Research online to find communities and clubs that participate in patch and emblem collecting.

If you are looking for custom emblem patch creation, please contact us today. We are thrilled to help you with your patch creations.