How to Get Started Designing a Custom Patch

Have you decided that you want to create a custom patch? Perhaps you need one for a police officer, firefighter, EMS, or even a charity or fundraising group. If you find yourself in need of something unique to represent a cause, there are some things to consider while designing your custom patches.


Before you create the patch, you should consider doing thorough research. For example, according to Review 42, the color that you pick will influence 90% of a first impression. That means that you want to pick colors that are pleasing to the eye while also symbolizing what the people wearing them stand for. Play around with a color wheel and see what sticks out. That will help the customized patch designer do the best job possible with your chosen colors.


After picking the colors comes the fun part; the actual design. Work with the designer by explaining your vision so we can use our expertise to bring it to life in an efficient way. Show it to others and see what their first impression is. Once you get a general consensus that’s in line with your expectations, give your customized patch designer the green light.


This part of the design depends on how many threads will be used on the patch. If it’s a lot, it might make it feel crowded. Talk with the designer and see what could be reduced to make it still stand out. Consider who will be wearing them and what type of fabric they will be put on. That can save you some time and effort, including possibly having to do some returns later on, which will cost you money.

Designing these patches can be a lot of fun but be sure to talk it over with experts who can help guide you through the whole process, especially if this is your first time doing it. After doing all of this, you should love the finished product that you hold in your hands. Then you can proudly wear it around and the work will be worth it.

Are you looking for a customized patch designer in your area? We can help you there! At The Emblem Authority, we do patches, challenge coins, and badges. It’s especially our honor to make these for those in the police, firefighting, or EMS fields. Regardless of the organization, contact us today to get started!