Common Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Washing Velcro Patches

Custom police velcro patches

In the United States, there are approximately 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving, which is the highest figure ever. Every day we rely on law enforcement officials to both serve and protect our communities.

As a law enforcement official, it is important that you are easily recognizable to the people you are sworn to protect. Custom police velcro patches are a great way for officials to identify themselves with both authority and distinction. Quality patches are designed with care to reflect the nature and character of all organizations. However, to ensure the longevity of your patches, be sure to care for them properly.

Hand Wash Only

Washing your velcro patches in the washing machine can compromise their ability to properly adhere to your uniform. It’s natural for your velcro patch to collect detritus such as dust or dirt from daily use and normal wear and tear. However, gentle handwashing should be enough to remove any debris while also ensuring your velcro remains in top condition.

Remove Lint Buildup

While velcro patches are great for staying put on your uniform, they may also inadvertently pick up lint or other bits of debris. In addition to maintaining your patches with regular handwashing, be sure to clean the hard-to-remove lint from the velcro’s fasteners. You can do this by gently plucking it out with tweezers, using a small cleaning brush, or sliding a T-pin through the patch. Removing lint and other small bits of debris from your patches will guarantee that they maintain the best grip possible.

Safe Storage

The way you store your custom patches is also important. Storing them together may be damaging as they will stick together and become ruined. The best way to store patches is to secure them to a piece of felt or a custom patch panel. This guarantees you can store them safely and access them easily when needed.

Do Not Iron

Using a hot iron on your patches may also cause damage to both the velcro and the patch itself. The patches are meant to securely adhere to your uniform, and there should be no need to iron them.

Custom police velcro patches are effective ways to identify law enforcement both clearly and authoritatively. Though easy to use, they do require some regular care and maintenance; so be sure to follow the above tips to guarantee your patches stay in top condition.