Have the Perfect Patch Designed to Match Uniforms

company that makes patches

Per the NFPA, an estimated 1,115,000 volunteer and career firefighters were active within the U.S. in 2018. Patches are on uniforms for all of those people. If you think about it, patches are on many different types of uniforms and clothing whether for police, firefighters or EMS. A lot goes into making a quality patch that fully represents those who need them. Working closely with a company that makes patches ensures that custom embroidered patches are created that reflect the character and pride of an agency.

What Should You Know About a Company That Makes Patches?

When a badge patch needs to be created, you want to make sure you are using a company that has plenty of experience. They should be able to design and manufacture any type of patches you require including EMS patches, custom police badges, fire department patches, law enforcement patches, and many more. Improved manufacturing technology is a must since you want accurate designs that you can count on.

Work Closely with a Company That Makes Patches

Working closely with a company that makes patches means you are guaranteed to get an ideal design using top-grade materials. It helps to know the exact quality of the garment a patch is going to be used on so the type of backing used will last for the duration of the garment. Once you have had quality emblems created, consider having matching pins and other items created that fully carry through the design through every department.

Understand the Custom Design Process for a Company That Makes Patches

Knowing what to expect during the custom design process is helpful. Your ideas and sketches will be used to create an attractive final design. Once the design has been defined, it is time to outline it by choosing colors, the shape, and size. Sketch what you have in mind and send it to the custom emblem design company. Their artists will put your artwork into a digital format for approval. You will then receive a quote so production can move forward after the final design has been approved. That isn’t where quality and assurance stop. There is a final inspection after manufacturing to ensure your emblems look perfect in every way. Finally, your emblems are packed and shipped directly to you.

Do You Need Assistance with Designs?

In some cases, you may need assistance with designs. Emblem design companies can help you every step of the way. Are you having trouble finding the perfect shape? Use patch shape templates that give you many ideas concerning the exact shape you would prefer. Simply download their templates so you can start working on ideas.

Choosing colors isn’t difficult. However, it is helpful to know the exact colors used on emblems. Request twill colors, Pantone swatches, and thread colors so you know what you are working with. It is ideal to be able to figure out designs knowing the colors that will be directly used on the emblems you want to be produced.

Use the Services Offered by the Experts

When every stitch counts, use the services offered by the experts. An emblem manufacturer doesn’t become an industry leader because it does not produce excellent goods. Top emblem creation companies utilize innovative techniques and technology so their manufacturing process is second to none. They employ creative staff who are always ready to assist customers in any manner, as well. You can count on them to be the top authority on everything concerning embroidered emblems.

You can have patches reproduced or redesigned completely by their in-house creative team. Each stitch, color, and design is a collaborative process. The goal is to produce the highest-quality patches that fully reflect the authority and spirit of an agency. You also have the ability to purchase stock patches that will match nearly any uniform. Stock designs offer fast service with no waiting. Whether you want custom designs or stock designs, you are guaranteed that your needs will be 100% met by a caring staff ready to provide the perfect emblems for your agency.