How a Badge Describes Your Department

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You may have seen all kinds of badges while watching cop shows or out in your own community and noticed their different designs. After seeing them, you may have wondered if those different designs have any meaning. Interestingly, specific elements of police badges may carry significance. Learn more about those elements so you can better understand a badge patch when you see one.

The Significance of the Badge’s Shape

First, let’s discuss what the shape of a police badge means. You’ll see shields, stars, and ovals among the common badge patch shapes. The shapes may not all be identical but generally fall under those categories. Shield badges usually belong to police officers. This shape is a reminder that every police officer has taken an oath to serve and protect their community.

You’ll also see some members of police officers wear oval-shaped badges. These oval shapes are reminiscent of shields as well, although the pattern is less distinguishable. Sheriffs will often be the ones to have star-shaped badges. However, the star shape itself is not an important aspect of the badge. Instead, its points may convey specific characteristics that the sheriff’s office represents.

The Meaning of the Badge’s Color

According to Review 42, colors affect 90% of a person’s first impression. When you see a badge, it’s natural to note its color before anything else. So, does that color mean anything? It’s tough to say what the color of the badge patch means because it can vary from one police department to the next. For example, gold colors may be used in the badges of high-ranking officers, but that’s not always the case. You’ll have to learn more about your police department to find out what the colors of their specific badges represent.

The Importance of the Badge’s Material Composition

Next, we must discuss the meaning of a badge’s material composition. An officer sporting a cloth badge patch is likely new to their department. If an officer has a metallic badge, that indicates they have spent time in the force. Material can have a symbolic representation of time spent in the force or the rank of their current position.

The Symbols on the Badge

Lastly, you may see some symbols on certain badges. These symbols matter because they likely present a clue about the officer’s department. Pay close attention to the badge’s appearance to figure out what its symbols hint at. Always feel free to ask an officer if there is any specific meaning to their badge, they will typically be glad to explain!

You can learn a lot about police officers and the departments they belong to just by closely examining their badge patches. Hopefully, the information provided here will help you better understand those often overlooked details. Are you interested in creating new designs for your badges? Reach out to us today, and let us help bring your ideas to life!