How Can a Patch Company Help Your Department

Graphic design is an underrated part of the first responder’s toolkit. Many graphics tend to look under-professional and overly canned because they were taken from simple clip art. According to Non-Profit Pro, a professional logo design builds brand trust and engagement with 64% of the public. A customized patch can help your Department project its voice, tell its story, and craft identity and professionalism among your ranks. Be sure that others understand who you are by using the right images, and teaming with professional designers.

Your Department Has a Voice

Police, fire, or EMS, your department communicates without words. Its patch projects your team’s voice without a sound. Reach out to a designer to give it a megaphone.

Every Patch Tells a Story

The police department of Apple Valley, Minnesota uses a tiger on its patch. Is this a symbol of fierceness? In this case, no. The banner below the tiger explains: “Home of the Minnesota Zoo.” The story of the Apple Valley Police Department is one of home and public service. A city’s image is bound up in the customized patch worn by its first responders.

Crafting an Identity for Your Team

The patch you wear shows the identity that your department wants. It tells your story and makes your department’s uniforms more than just a pressed blue shirt. You can be sure that with a custom insignia on your arm, you’re going to be projecting the right image: One of professional identity.

Impart a Sense of Professionalism

Your department’s professionalism is associated with the emblems it wears. A customized patch builds an image of professionalism. It says without words what your department stands for. When you and your department have a unified visual voice, you will help people trust that you’ll do what’s right even when it’s hard.

Inspire Others

Just like military unit patches, a Police, Fire, or EMS Department patch can serve as a point of inspiration to the next generation of first responders. When they see your patch, others who are interested in being a first responder will understand that this could be them. Your department-style kit will make it easier to see who you are and what you belong to.

To know what you need to communicate to others, you need to live those values. Talk to the professional designers at the Emblem Authority to begin the discussion of how you want to project yourself creatively.