How Are Lapel Pins Made?

lapel pins

Members of the EMS service wear a unique uniform with distinguishing patches and lapel pins for easy public recognition. The lapel pins are an important part of the uniform serving as identification tags denoting the identity and affiliation of the wearer. They are usually placed in easy-to-see places like the lapel, collar, or front pocket for easy identification.

There are different types of lapel pins, each carrying out a specific function. A simple name tag or a badge shows which unit the person belongs to. Also, lapel pins can be used to show the rank and qualifications of the wearer.

Designing lapel pins follows a similar process irrespective of their function, so let’s look at how to design the perfect pin for your unit.

1. Choose the material, shape, and color of the pin.

The material that the pin is made from will depend on what function it will serve. For instance, a name tag pin may be made out of plastic, but a unit badge pin will look far more professional made up of metal. The same would apply to a pin that denotes the rank.

As to choosing the color of the badge, you may be limited to blue shades as this is the traditional color of the EMS department. However, the actual shade of blue chosen will denote your specific unit within the department.

2. Draw the basic design.

The drawing of the badge does not have to be perfect as the manufacture will provide the final graphic design, but make sure all your design elements are present in your drawing. For instance, include all the symbols. Will there be writing? Also, incorporate the color of each element.

3. Choose the backing for your pin.

Your pin must stay secure on garments. Otherwise, your staff will lose it while carrying out their duties. There are many options of pin backings available, so choose one that is most secure.

4. Get the experts to manufacture your pin.

Choose the company to manufacture your lapel pins. An easy choice is the Emblem Authority, a reputable company that manufactures patches and lapel pins for police, fire department, and emergency services personnel.

5. Distribute lapel pins to your personnel.

Once your pins arrive from the manufacturers, the only thing to do is to give them out to everyone and sit back and take the compliments on how nice the new lapel pins look.

Don’t forget to reach out to the Emblem Authority to get started! You will be sure to be pleased with the result.