What You Need to Know About Law Enforcement Decals

law enforcement decals

Currently, over 800,000 police officers are working in the United States. That number is higher than ever before, and that means law enforcement may have greater needs than before, too.

Namely, it is more important than ever for law enforcement to easily identify themselves to the public and to each other. This identification keeps day-to-day police work transparent, effective, and high-quality. Some of the best ways to keep identification clear and simple are to use law enforcement decals and patches. Here are a few advantages of patches and law enforcement decals.

Quick Identification Among Fellow Officers and Frontline Workers

Law enforcement is well aware that their work can — and often does — require them to work outside their immediate jurisdiction. That means collaborating with officers, EMTs, firefighters, and more from the next town over or several towns over.

Custom law enforcement decals and law enforcement patches enable fellow officers, healthcare workers, and more to quickly identify you and your colleagues by town, city, or precinct. Decals and badges may contain additional information, like rank, position, unit, and/or the officer’s badge number.

Quick Identification by the General Public

Likewise, it is very important for the general public to be able to identify a police officer without any undue confusion. Unfortunately, there have been instances of people posing as cops and pulling people over.

Blatant law enforcement decals and police badges remove any doubts and confusion and help civilians feel safe as they are interacting with officers on the road or in any other setting.

Specialized Decals and Patches

Finally, there are specialized decals and patches that help identify officers and other workers as clearly and distinctly as possible. These patches may identify:

  • Forces with K-9 units.
  • Authorities other than your average police officer. Custom badges may help identify sheriffs, homeland security, border patrol, traffic control, park rangers, corrections officers, university police, and more.
  • Officers with particular honors or officers who served during specific times. There are custom patches and decals honoring those who have served during especially traumatic events, like 9/11. These patches can be a means of honoring an officer for their service and/or a means to help build relationships between colleagues and the general public.

Right now, law enforcement’s biggest asset is transparency. That is where custom law enforcement patches and law enforcement decals come in. Order professional-grade decals and patches to quickly identify yourself to colleagues, frontline workers, and civilians.