How Can a Custom Emblem Help Market Your Business?

The business landscape continues to grow more competitive every day. In a sea of competition, you need to stand out in the crowd. You need a way for customers to recognize your products instantly. Custom emblems are a great way to help your company grow to new heights.

Brand Recognition

Custom emblem templates can help you create a unique logo that everyone will recognize. Without reading the label, people who see your signature will instantly know what they’re buying or seeing. A great example of this comes from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to NASA, each space mission gets a unique patch, so everyone knows the patch is from that particular mission. They’ve been doing this since 1965 and is a great way to exemplify how a patch can stand for something extraordinary.

Brand Identity

Custom emblem templates do so much more than help people recognize your brand. They tell potential customers what your brand is all about. The colors on your emblem can convey critical characteristics about your business. Black and white logos portray modern sophistication and elegance, whereas neon colors represent a fun, carefree business where the rules don’t apply. Purple signifies creativity, while red is a classic color for passion. The possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Customers will recognize your brand when they see your emblem or logo on a package. Once new customers see your logo, they’ll develop an instant first impression. Likewise, if they see a package without one, they’ll assume your business is not as professional as companies that take the time to work with custom emblem templates. You want to ensure customers know you’re professional, trustworthy, and mean what you say. Taking the time to design a logo conveys that precise message.


Brands must remain consistent across every version of marketing they use. You should have the same symbol on social media platforms, packaging, products, business cards, and any other merchandise or swag you have. This helps customers recognize your brand. After a person sees an image so many times, they’ll instantly remember it. However, it’s impossible to achieve that if you haven’t worked with a professional to design a custom emblem.

Custom emblems have the power to communicate with an audience you’ve never met before. They can instantly help you create a unique identity that enables you to stand out, increasing your customers and profits. Contact The Emblem Authority today to learn more about the design process.