How to Care for Your Police Patch

custom police velcro patch

A police uniform should be worn with pride. Your custom police velcro patch is a powerful symbol that needs specific care to keep it looking great. A patch is more than simply part of your uniform apparel, it is like your badge, something that identifies you as a public servant and a hero. Learn how to care for your custom police velcro patch to keep it looking its best.

A Brief History of the Police Uniform

Before 1829, police uniforms were not standardized. They were a little haphazard, as a matter of fact. There may have been a requirement to wear something similar among the force, but every officer was left up to their own volition when it came to dressing for work.

The first evidence of standardized apparel for police officers showed up in 1829. The London Metropolitan Police force required that all police officers wear a specific uniform. As they say, the rest is history. Today, every police force has a standardized uniform from the hat to the shoes.

Caring for Your Patches

A custom police velcro patch requires special care. One of the most important reasons to follow the special care tips is to avoid the patch losing its ability to grip the velcro. Before you wash your garment or dry clean it, remove the patch.

If the patch becomes dirty, you can hand wash it in warm water with a little soap. The velcro strip may collect lint and other particles. You can use a pin to pull away the debris. When you dry a garment that has a velcro strip, you want to be sure to use a low heat setting.

Velcro is usually made of little nylon loops that can get damaged on a high heat setting. You never want to iron a velcro patch for the same reason you should not dry a garment with velcro on a high heat setting. You can damage that velcro and leave the patch unserviceable.

With just a little extra care, you can keep your patches in great condition. If you need to store your patches, store them loop side up and patch side down. It is easy to take care of these types of patches if you know how. Follow the tips above and your patches will continue to look great.