Stock or Custom Law Enforcement Patches: Which is Better for Your Organization?

There are 17,985 U.S. police agencies in the United States which include City Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Offices, State Police/Highway Patrol, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. That’s a lot of patches. Patches are more than just decorative items on your uniform; they can display important awards, distinctions, and information. When you decide to get a patch, you have to decide on some details, including colors and whether to get stock or custom badges.

Custom vs Stock Law Enforcement Patches

While stock patches may serve the purpose, the existence of different agencies means that some designs may look similar to each other if produced on a stock basis. Getting a custom design ensures that you are putting the details and colors that are unique to you, and not to another production house embroidering different designs.

Custom patches have the following benefits:

They create a sense of belonging to each individual with one on their uniform. When everyone feels like they are part of a team with a unique affiliation badge, they work better together and enjoy the sense of pride that comes with being one big family.

Custom velcro patches will also help everyone wearing one to be instantly recognizable in a crowd. This recognition goes a long way in establishing the presence of the unit represented by the patch in any area.

Patches enhance professionalism, and while stock law enforcement patches will make for a professional look, the effect is enhanced with custom patches. A custom patch will have specific, unique information as well as a unique design and colors which all work to make it more memorable.

Custom patches will also be versatile and because you can choose the type of backing, they also get really convenient. The options for backing include iron-on patches, sew-on patches, and velcro patches. Velcro patches are the easiest to use and take care of given their ability to be stored and put on easily.

It is clear to see that custom patches are better than stock law enforcement patches, and so when making the choice, always go for custom. The purpose of a patch is taken to a whole new level when you custom-make it, so get the most out of it and set a standard that will be hard for others to beat.