7 Tips to Choosing the Right Custom Patch Marker

fire department patches

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were an estimated 29,705 fire departments across the United States. The firefighters totaled approximately 1,115,000 individuals, with nearly 370,000 careers and 745,000 volunteers that protect the lives of millions.

Custom fire department patches are an excellent way for your team to identify themselves. You may need to find the right patch marker to source from. Here are seven tips to help you find the best company for the job.

1. Inquire About Their Experience

You need to find a firm that will unquestionably supply you with the exact design and size of fire department patches that you want. It wouldn’t hurt to go with firms with relevant experience with the industry. Their skills and knowledge can make a difference in drawing up designs that your team members will be proud of.

2. Check Out Their Work Artwork Service

Your unique patch design on the artwork file may need to be converted to be compatible with the manufacturing process. You may ask the company that makes patches if they provide artwork services. Pick a firm with designers that can help you refine your artwork with the best custom option to bring your vision to life; if the patch maker accepts unlimited revisions, the better.

3. Pick a Patch Marker That Provides a Written Guarantee

A reputable patch creator needs to stand by the quality of their work. The company you pick should provide a written guarantee for the fire department patches that they design. It may give you peace of mind that the products will be of high quality and free of manufacturing defects.

4. Choose a Firm with Excellent Customer Service

Communication is a key element as you engage the patch maker during the design and shipping process. You may need to pick a company with excellent communication channels, providing regular updates about your order. Excellent customer service can help smoothen the submission of the artwork and the delivery of the fire department patches to your station.

5. Timely Delivery of the Patches

You may need to discuss the turnaround time for the patch maker to complete your order. Most fire department patch designers will complete an order within 14 days or less, with fast shipping. However, depending on the number, design, and size of the patches ordered, the manufacturing process may take a little longer or shorter.

6. Discuss the Shipping Requirements

You may need to verify how the patch marker will get the fire department patches to your location. Most patch designers offer priority shipping as an option that allows express delivery of the package. If you opt for standard shipping, your patches may delay a little longer than necessary.

7. Read Reviews from Past Clients

The best way to analyze the patch maker’s expertise is to look at their past works—request for references to past clients. Follow up on them, inquiring about their experience with the patch marker. Read testimonials and recommendations on their website and other online review sites.

Custom fire department patches can help indicate the nature and character of your team, reminding them of their calling to saving lives during emergencies. Picking out the right custom designer is essential to providing your department with quality patches that will last. To kickstart your order process, reach out to our experts at The Emblem Authority.