What to Consider While Designing an Emblem

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A customized patch is an excellent way to make your group stand out. When you are creating a customized patch with an emblem, there are a few things that you should consider before you submit your design. You should consider three things when creating a customized patch from your emblem design.

1. Pick the Right Shape

You first need to decide what shape you want your emblem to be. Crest-shaped, square, rectangular, or circles are the most common types of shapes. Choosing the right type of shape will ensure that your emblem design fits well.

Choosing the right shape will ensure your emblem is scaled correctly. The shape of the emblem patch is the backdrop for every other design element of your emblem. Emblems can be as elaborate as you want them to be as long as it is in the right shape.

2. Pick Your Colors

You may have the desire to make your emblem and customized patch as colorful as possible. Fight the urge. According to True List, a two-color pattern is best for an emblem. Keeping your colors classic and simple will ensure that the details of your emblem remain crisp and clear.

An emblem with too many colors loses some of its punch when scaled down to a customized patch size. Your neon green, gold, blue, and red emblem might be stunningly emblazoned across a t-shirt, but it will all melt together in a patch.

3. Keep Text To a Minimum

You may have a lot you want to put on your emblem, but less is more when it comes to text on an emblem. Scaled-down text that fits on a custom patch can be hard to read and distract from the overall appearance.

Keeping any text simple will make it easier to read and avoid making the patch look crowded. Loading up the emblem with text takes away from the beauty of the design. Ultimately, the best emblems are simplistic and easy on the eye. Consider keeping your emblem simple.

Custom patches with custom emblems are a great way to unite a group, share organizational pride, brand businesses, and more. Get help designing an emblem for your custom patches today.