Why Should You Invest in Challenge Coins?

A challenge coin is a great honor to receive and provides the deserved recognition. According to the United States Department of Defense, the tradition of issuing a challenge coin by the military started in WWI. There are several reasons why investing in a challenge coin is a good idea.

A Brief History of Challenge Coins

We know how challenge coins started in the United States military, but that’s not where they started. It’s thought that these tokens date back to ancient Roman times. In Roman times, when soldiers fought a good fight, they would get their regular purse of coins and an additional bonus coin.

The paid bonus coin was minted separately to indicate that it was a “bonus pay” for exceptional service. The bonus or challenge coin was revered.

What Is the Significance of Challenge Coins?

A challenge coin can serve several purposes. They can be given as a token of appreciation. They can promote loyalty to an agency, signify special achievements, and improve morale. Challenge coins are a great way to recognize contributions to an organization.

Challenge coins are highly appreciated by the recipient as an honor. Challenge coins are reserved for the highest honors.

What Organizations Can Benefit From Investing in Challenge Coins?

While military organizations are most often associated with challenge coins, that doesn’t mean these coins do not have a place with other organizations. Police departments, fire departments, hospitals, and other groups can all enjoy the benefits of investing in challenge coins.

Whether private or public, any organization that wants to recognize people with a meaningful token should invest in challenge coins. There are no specific criteria to invest in these coins other than the desire for a custom coin to recognize stakeholders.

Why Invest?

Challenge coins are a good investment because of the joy they bring the recipient, but that’s not the only reason. Challenge coins can grow in value. A historically significant challenge coin can be a valuable item.

The rarity of the challenge coins can make them more valuable with time. More importantly, these coins become family heirlooms.

These coins are a great investment for any group. Custom challenge coins are a great investment that has the potential to grow in value. Give us a call to learn more about challenge coin investments today.