When and Where Do I Wear a Lapel Pin?


You might see people wearing lapel pins at certain events. These are tiny pins that are put on clothing that show an affiliation with a cause or an organization. Not sure when should you wear one? We’re here to help you with this basic etiquette guide.

Wear Them at Events or Fundraising

Are you having a wedding? You can have a lapel pin made to commemorate that major event in your life and have the people in your wedding party wear it. They’re also perfect for fundraisers since they’re an excellent symbol for a particular cause. That way, people can show that they support it in a discreet way, and the money that they pay for the pins can be donated to that particular cause. This will then be a two-fold way of showing their support.

Where to Wear Them

There’s a certain way to wear a lapel pin. Men can wear them on their suit jackets, on the left side. It can go through the buttonhole if it’s a long-stem lapel. If there’s a pocket for a handkerchief square, it can go above that. Some might like to wear it on the collar of their shirt. Generally, it’ll be on the suit jacket, though. Many people also like to wear lapel pins on jean jackets or leather jackets, typically on one or both sides of the breast. Depending on your style, you may also choose to mix and match lapel pins with patches.

There are also exceptions when it comes to wearing lapel pins. You shouldn’t wear them at funerals or job interviews. An exception to that might be if the deceased was a member of a certain organization that wore a pin, such as the local fire department, and people might don them to show support. The main rule of thumb is to ask if the general public would think that it would be appropriate to wear it at the time. It’s a matter of trusting your gut.

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