How Police Badges Have Changed Over Time

A male police officer

The modern police badge has come a long way over the years. Today, many badges are made from advanced, lightweight materials and feature advanced technologies. If you’re looking for custom police badges, you’ll have tons of options regarding styling, materials, and more. To better understand badges and the choices you have today, let’s take a look at the evolution of police badges.

The Emergence of Badges

Did you know that police badges mark one of the earliest job-specific uniforms? While uniforms are common today, they’re also a relatively recent invention. Even ancient armies often lacked highly standardized uniforms. This was due in part to the fact that mass production didn’t really exist, and thus it was hard to create standardized goods.

Still, there were times when people in authority needed to identify themselves. Sometimes people needed to show who they had sworn allegiance to as well. This paved the way for badges. According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, police badges emerged in the medieval age when knights sported a coat of arms demonstrating their allegiances and loyalty.

The precursors to modern police forces also started to appear in the medieval ages, particularly in England. When people were put into positions of authority, it helped to have a badge that could identify them. This way, people would be able to pick them out for help. These early badges were often made of fabrics and were a far cry from the modern custom police badges available today.

Modern Policing and the Modern Badge

The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum notes that historians speculate that police badges, as we conceive of them today, emerged around 1845 in England. London then was a massive city, and the local police force that was set up paved the way for modern police forces the world over.

Police badges can signify which organization an officer worked for. This, in turn, makes it easier to determine authority and jurisdiction. Further, many police badges will also signify rank. This can make communication and coordination in an emergency easier.

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