Why Your Department Needs Custom Face Masks

face mask

Throughout the pandemic, as the world closed and people remained home for days or even weeks at a time, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS continued to work to keep the public safe. Now that the US is slowly reopening, first responders are once again finding work return to normal. However, the threat of COVID-19 is not over. According to the CDC, a face mask should be worn by all people who are at least two years old to help reduce this threat. As a result, your first responder department can benefit from custom masks. Here’s why.


First and foremost, masks keep people safe. Due to the nature of the virus, someone could be sick with it and not even know. Face coverings protect you from other people who might have the virus, and they prevent you from spreading it to other people, even unknowingly. Since first responders work on a team, close proximity is a danger that can’t be avoided. Masks can help, and providing them to your teams is the first step in ensuring everyone remains as safe as possible.


Patches and badges are an important feature of first responder uniforms. They unite teams and help with easy identification. Custom face masks can work in the same way. With your department’s logo printed onto them, they become part of the uniform. Rather than detract from your agency’s look, customization allows you to add to it.


The main difference between custom face masks and regular old ones is quality. Even if standard masks can get the job done, custom ones can do it much better. Companies that customize masks use only the best materials. Double and triple layers ensure the masks are as effective as possible, and soft materials on the inside keep the wearer comfortable. These types of masks usually come with other features too, such as adjustable ear straps and shapes designed to better fit a face.

With custom face masks for your department, you just can’t go wrong. They will keep your first responders safe, comfortable, and uniform. When it comes to your agency, you only want the best, so be sure to consult with The Emblem Authority when you’re ready to get your masks made. It’ll be one of the best decisions you make.