3 Factors for the Best Custom Masks


As the world around us opens up and recovers from the havoc of COVID-19, it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent an outbreak from flaring up again. Even as people return to work, to shops, and to other public places, safety regulations are necessary. Wearing masks, frequently washing hands, and social distancing are the best ways to avoid spreading COVID-19 any further. If we aren’t careful, we could see the return of high rates of cases.

The First Line of Defense

Just as law enforcement and fire departments are our first line of defense against crime, fires, and other threatening situations, masks are a physical barrier against the virus. They protect you from contracting the virus from other people and they also prevent you from unknowingly spreading it to someone else. If you are looking for custom masks for your police, fire, or EMS department to wear, here are some things to consider to ensure you end up with the highest quality possible.

1. Layers

The more layers your mask has, the better. While a thin face covering is better than nothing, the virus may be able to seep into the microscopic pores of your mask, rendering it useless. The more layers, the less likely this is to happen. The number of layers you should look for in a mask depends on certain factors, but 3 is a safe number in general because the mask will be both effective and comfortable to wear.

2. Materials

One thing you should not skimp out on is the materials used for your face mask. A tough outer layer that can keep the virus out is ideal, as is a softer, mesh-like material on the inside to keep your face cool and comfortable. If the materials used are machine-washable, even better!

3. Customization

Customization is the reason you’re here, isn’t it? You can find high-quality masks from multiple companies, but the ability to add your department’s logo is what sets apart the best companies from the rest. A mask on a face will often be the first thing seen on someone, so just as your department’s uniforms, patches, and badges serve to unite and identify the team, so too can the masks. Find a company that offers a variety of options, such as colors, sizes, and positioning.

Now that you know what to look for in a mask, it only comes down to finding a company that can meet all of these factors. The Emblem Authority checks all the boxes, and their masks come with even more features such as adjustable ear straps and a curved shape for a better fit. When you’re ready to start customizing the perfect mask, be sure to consult with them!