5 Interesting Facts About Police Car Decals

You may have never paid much attention to the police decals on police vehicles. Yet, each one of them has a meaning or purpose. According to NLEOMF.org, in the U.S. right now, we have the highest number of sworn law enforcement officers at 800,000. With the rising number of law enforcement on the road, you may want to have a bit of an understanding of the various decals.

#1 – Police Decals Have a Purpose

The purpose of police car decals and graphics is really not to make the car look cool and interesting. Instead, the graphics have an incredibly important safety role for the vehicles’ officers and the general public. They make the car easy to identify, so the public knows where to go for help. They also make the vehicle more visible, especially at night or in poor conditions.

#2 – Police Decals Display Information

Police decals display important information on the vehicle. For example, they show vehicle identification numbers, emergency phone numbers, and other critical information. This information is typically on the hood of the vehicle.

#3 – Ghost Graphics

Stealth or ghost graphics are police decals that have low visibility. They are designed to blend in with the car’s paint, so they cannot be easily seen. They are reflective for safety reasons and become visible in low light. These types of police decals allow police officers to be marked while providing some amount of stealth.

#4 – Non-Police Officers are Not Allowed to Have Police Decals

This may seem obvious to some but not as obvious to others. If you are not a law enforcement officer, you cannot have police decals on your car.

#5 – They Replace License Plates…Sort Of

Police officers do not need a license plate on their cars like the rest of us. However, the police decals on the car do have a number on them. It identifies the police car. It is like a license plate, except stickers on the car’s trunk, hood, or sides.

One of the essential things to know about police decals is, that you are not allowed to have them in your car as a typical citizen. It is illegal to impersonate a police officer, which you would be doing. Review these interesting tips and ensure you follow the law by not putting these decals on your car. Contact us today to find some police decals for your forces.