5 Reasons to Use Patches for Your Awareness Campaign

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Patches for Law Enforcement

Choosing the right tools to raise awareness for a cause or campaign is essential. You want something that stands out from other devices while representing your campaign. Emblem patches have quickly surpassed other advertisement methods for awareness campaigns. This is why more people are interested in using an emblem patch.

1. Color Psychology

When you wear a patch, everyone sees it. According to Review 42, 90% of a first impression is influenced by color. For example, bright colors like red and yellow encourage a person to take action. These are great choices to encourage people to donate to a cause. Other bright colors can instantly capture someone’s attention, ensuring they know about your awareness campaign.

2. Increased Visibility

An emblem patch can easily be put on anything someone wears, like a jacket or hat. They’re also great for accessories, like tote bags. These patches are instantly visible to everyone around the person wearing them, immediately increasing visibility. As more people ask about patches or look up the logo online, more people will learn about the cause.

3. Custom Options

Patches can easily be customized to ensure they have the impact you want. Invest in larger patches to help increase awareness. Large patches are easy to notice and give you more room to write a message. Small logo patches for hats and other small accessories are also available. You can select the image you want on your patch to ensure everyone knows about your cause.

4. Easily Distributable

You can easily hand out patches. Send an emblem patch in the mail as part of a promotional event or pass them out at the office. Emblem patches are cost-effective, so you can utilize mass distribution efforts to increase awareness faster. Some people leave a bowl available on the front desk or at an event booth to encourage people to take one.

5. Long-Lasting

One of the most notable benefits of using patches for visibility is their long-lasting impact. When people put a patch on their bag, vest, or jacket, they rarely take them off. This ensures that you’ll continue to increase awareness for months or years to come, and you won’t have to keep paying for it.

The Emblem Authority specializes in creating custom patches, badges, challenge coins, and more. You can use these for firefighters and police officers or to increase awareness about any cause. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more.