What Makes Badge Keychains Ideal for Law Enforcement?


Police officers often identify themselves with a badge, and custom keychains are another way to add to their apparel. These keychains are a great way to represent the police force anytime. Why are custom police badges on keychains ideal for law enforcement? Read on to find out more.


Over 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers are working in the United States, the highest figure ever recorded, according to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. These officers all have an official badge to identify them on duty. However, custom police badges made into keychains are a great way to further identify them once they’re off duty. It can also be a good keepsake upon retirement.


Police officers do a dangerous job. Therefore, it helps to have some healthy camaraderie. Having these custom badges is a great way for police leaders to show support for their team.


Has a police officer on your team really stepped up? If you’re unsure about a way to award them, these keychains could be a good gesture that they would appreciate. Whether it’s going above and beyond on a case, being a good teammate, or being a natural leader, custom police patches are a great gift. These mini badges are very small and can fit easily on a keychain, so it’s an easy way for officers to have a daily reminder that their squadron appreciates what they do.


There are many ways that police officers can support each other. These badges are good ways to not only reward an officer who’s going beyond the line of duty but also a good way to commemorate a fallen police officer. They make cool gifts to people who have proven to support the police force, whether it’s people who made donations or those related to police officers.

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in custom police badges for keychains. These are small and lightweight gifts that won’t weigh anyone down. They provide a way for an officer to identify themselves anytime, whether they’re on or off duty. They also make great gifts as a way to show appreciation for people who support the police force. If you’re interested in getting some of these keychains made for your crew, family, or donors, contact The Emblem Authority today for a quote and consultation.